Maine for the day [Bath via Portland]

We went up to Bath for more house-hunting activities today. Spring Onion was enticed to join us by a stop at the beautiful new Children’s Museum at Thompson’s Point in Portland. That was a nearly 3-hour affair so we thought it easiest to walk across the way to Bissell Brothers for lunch and some rejuvenating beverages. We nabbed a spot on the sunny pleasant patio right at noon when the kitchen opens (taproom opens at 11 am). Fried shishito was a daily special, tossed with fish sauce/lime/chili/peanut/cilantro was piquant but I wanted them charred, with more “bite” to them (they were a little limp in this prep).


Beef birria tacos for B. The 2 tacos were fried and rich and umami-ful, especially dipped in the accompanying salsa roja. B doesn’t eat beef often, so when he does, it better be damned good. This checked all the boxes. My mushroom tacos were equally satisfying, the kitchen coaxing all the meatiness they could from the local wild mushrooms (mostly chanterelles, I think). I would definitely get these again. Both were on very good corn tortillas. Chicken tenders and French fries for SO rounded out our meal. A new beer to us, the “Assume Positive Intent,” a double-hopped IPA (without over-the-top ABV, at 6%) was our new favorite.




Then onward to Bath to look at a house and the environs, followed by a truly terrible drive (accidents, lots of folks on the road). Luckily, Waze diverted us. But still…get me my wine (I did the drive home).


Nice report, as usual, and the pictures all the right way up! (Although a bit small, nasty nitpicker that I am.)

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I got tired of seeing all my sideways photos, I had to try something to fix that.


You got tired? Think of your fans who had to lie sideways on the couch to see your pics only to see their smarter-than-you phones autorotate back.

Still, the regular food reports are very useful. Next time I’m in that area I’ll know what to do and what to avoid,


Always enjoy your reports and travelogues! Think you’ve found your metier, or at least one of them.


@digga, we were so close and yet so far! We just came back from a week in Harpswell on Saturday.

That food at Bissell Brothers looks good. And the beer, of course! Is the big Sasquatch sculpture still there at the Cryptozoology Museum next door? :laughing: