Maine coastal cruise ideas?

I’m getting ready to pull the trigger on purchase of a small ships coastal cruise of Maine. Eight days–seven nights, starting and ending in Portland.

Based on on-board amenities, there might not be many opportunities to sample foods ashore. But we sure would like to discover a place or two that has exceptional oysters on the half shell, or, lobster rolls, or Atlantic Cod sandwiches.

Ports-of Call beginning (and ending) with Portland include:

Boothbay Harbor,
Bar Harbor,
Bath, and

I would appreciate suggestions. Enthusiasm encouraged.

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I would suggest Eventide in Portland for oysters and the lobster roll, ceviche and stew.

Beals in South Bar Harbor for lobster of any kind, if you can get there.

Have a great trip, its a beautiful coast line.

We have visited Coastal Maine for many years, but never took a cruise. Sounds great! If you get to beautiful Castine, a charming vintage town, I would recommend Dennett’s Wharf for shellfish and sandwiches. Nice view of the bay…

Thank you for the Eventide rec, grumpys. We’ll arrive in Portland the day before sailing so this rec is great!

Yep, Castine is a port of call on this cruise, gutreactions. And Dennett’s sounds like just what we’re looking for to peel off from the village tour after a bit.

Then I would add Scratch Bakery for coffee and pastry, if thats on your radar. It has a really nice selection.

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