Mainbrook Tavrern, Englishtown (Market) Nj

So it’s been awhile since I’ve seen my buddy @seal since his recent relocation about 30+ min away. He invited me to his rekindled his fondness for karaoke and invited me to join him and friends at Mainbrook Tavern.

Arrived at 8:00 and the place was half full for the 7pm start time. Interesting set up but mostly outdoor from what I could tell, like an elaborate courtyard with a bar and karaoke, place has a good vibe.

I can honestly say I detest karaoke, I only endure it for my children on vacation, personally I have -0- interest. Well this place was fantastic and kudos to our own @seal who gave the 80’s Petshop Boys, West End Girls a run for it’s money! (If video loads) Backup provided by the soon to be daughter in law of mr seal and some random guy enjoying the fruits of NJ legalized marijuana law!

Onto the food, I actually enjoyed their wings! Admittedly I don’t bring my glasses so I can’t read menus so I just said; “gimme wings”
Bartender response is muted by crowd noise so I respond; “sounds good to me!”, now having no idea what changes I authorized to my order. Oh the joy of being 52!!

So wings were plain, with sweet hot teriyaki sauce on side? Nice meaty wings very nicely done. The place gives off an awesome vibe and encourage anyone who is in a perennial pissy mood these days to come enjoy the levity. Made me a sincere believer in karaoke “therapy”!

( dam video file too big to load)

My first time ever ordering a non alcoholic beer. Enjoying my commitment to alcohol sobriety! Plus F those Russian Vodka Bastards!!!

Fun place for the whole family.

(Stolen from Facebook seal and Seal jr)


Who knew that place could be fun?
I guess you guys did. I will admit to being karaoke curious but not ready yet Drs. Orders.


I’ve grown to love this place. Glad you and Mrs. NotJR had a good time.

Open invitation to all HOs to come by one Friday night and sing, dance, or just groove on a great vibe.

Also, I love to sing with other people, and I know a lot of songs, so let’s sing together.


What time do you get there?

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Let me also mention that while this place was winning me over I did think about and tried to send some positive thoughts to @paryzer. You did cross my mind as my spirits were being lifted I tried to send some positive energy to you guys during these sad times. (I have no idea about any of this spiritual crap, don’t think I’ve gone all hippie on you!!) Just letting you know you’re in my thoughts. Peace……


@Ragtopssk Like the good senior I am, I like to get there early :rofl: So 6:30


Thanks that’s a definite maybe on my calendar


Congratulations @seal


Thanks @NotJrvedivici ! I appreciate it.