Mail Order Breakfast Items (for the holidays)?

I’m starting to hunt for a few mail order food gifts to send during the holidays.

Has anyone tried Zingerman’s Cinnamon Roll’s or Williams Sonoma’s croissants?

I’m also open to all suggestions (breakfast related or otherwise); would like to keep the final cost around $50

Nodines’s bacon!

I have not tried either of your other options, but I’m sure you’ll find lots of other ideas from people here.

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My family really enjoyed Grandma’s Breakfast Sausage from Broadbent last year.

The Williams-Sonoma’s croissants are really good for frozen breakfast breads. I’ve had the chocolate and plain. Their cinnamon rolls are too (if they are still offered).

Kodiak Cakes whole wheat flapjack mix is magic. You only add water. Somehow, there is none of that bitterness that whole wheat often has, even when I am using a package that’s past its label date. The flapjacks are moist and tender. It’s sold at Target (all of them?), some markets, and online. Their oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and brownie mixes are also whole wheat, also good.

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Wolferman’s muffins are still good stuff, especially with grocery store english muffins taking such a nose dive.
S&S cheesecake is THE best, kind of a “locals” secret of sorts- only not so secret any more :wink: just order the big one, extra slices freeze great
The best bang for your buck ever is ordering from The Bagel Hole- they have really reasonable prices on shipping too. No fancy packaging, but then again you can’t eat a pretty bow :slight_smile: always has a great selection of spanish goodies you didn’t know you needed. Or, i mean, great gift stuff…