Maida Heatter has passed away at age 102


Thanks for that link. I’ve loved making her recipes for more decades than I’d admit to. Such a great lady! Rip

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I had no idea that she was at a venerable and esteemed age! I’m lucky to have many of her books and would like to add her last book to the collection. I heard she was an excellent teacher in the cooking classes she led and of course her books. May she RIP, sounds like a life well lived.


My Aunt was a big fan. Maida was a very interesting person. She leaves behind a legacy.

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My father learned to bake from her books. I just got the “best of” book that was released before she died, but I miss the '70s/'80s fonts and illustrations (by her daughter) from the originals. OTOH, I do have a 2nd-hand copy of her chocolate desserts book…