Mahmoun’s falafel coming to the Bay Area

Mahmoun’s falafel is expanding to the Bay Area according to Eater.

I hope they up their bread game, but either way, I’m super excited— I have many fond memories of their MacDougal St. (Manhattan) and New Haven locations. Their falafel at 3am is much better than the oversauced food at Halal Guys, and does not require severe intoxication to enjoy.


Wow, I remember them only from the MacDougal Street place. I had no idea they’d become a chain. I’m looking forward to it.

Ha! I went to Mamoun’s on st mark’s at least twice a week in college, my dorm was just a few blocks away and as a vegetarian from a small town their cheap delicious falafel pitas were a revelation for me! I haven’t been in a very long time because there are so many other options in nyc (nish nush’s green falafel and taim are my favorites)
Hopefully they’re able to maintain the fresh flavors and fry the falafel to order- i’m sure the israeli salad and other veg condiments/salads will be even better with CA produce!

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