Mahalab Bakery [Cambridge, MA]

This past Saturday I went to the Union Square Farmer’s market and happened upon Mahalab bakery. Bought a bag of their oval-shaped sourdough flatbreads. WOW!
Sooooo good! They just opened a bakery storefront on Mass Ave in Cambridge between Porter and Harvard Squares.
I saw so many other interesting looking items at the Farmer’s Market and no doubt they have even more at their bakery which I will be visiting in the near future!

Has anyone had any of their other items to recommend?


I’ve had stuff from them in the last two years at the Central and the Davis Square markets. I liked what I had, but wasn’t as blown away as you. I wasn’t aware that they now have a storefront. Thanks for the information.

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Same block as Bagelsaurus.

Yes, and right next to Chalawan. They have a large variety of things but everything is refrigerated, and nothing today, at least, looked in peak form.

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