Madrid Spain restaurants

Waiting for my flight back to the USA from Madrid and thought I’d post this for reference. I mostly cooked in my friend’s apt this trip but wanted to share one restaurant and a list of recommendations from a friend of a friend who is involved in the Madrid restaurant scene. I know it is always hard for people to find Madrid ideas on this board.

Aire - went for lunch. It was wonderful. Would recommend it highly. Was all things that “fly”. Had a duck rillette, pheasant meatballs, and a roast chicken. All great. It isn’t in the most touristy area but not too far out of the way either.

Recommendations from the friend (didn’t have time to go to these:


-Sacha: calle de Juan Hurtado de Mendoza 11.

-La tasquita de enfrente: calle de la Ballesta 6.

-Arzabal: calle Menéndez Pelayo 13.

-Villoldo: calle de Lagasca 134.

-Horcher: calle de Alfonso XII, 6.

-Zalacain: calle de Álvarez de Baena 4.

-Casa Lucio:calle cava baja 35.


-Nakeima:calle de Menéndez Valdés 54.

-Triciclo:calle Santa María 28.

-Di stage:calle de regueros 8.

Good luck! Have fun!

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Our only trip was a long weekend in 2012, so with the caveat that time has passed and things may have changed:

Botin - reputed to be the oldest restaurant in the world. Packed with tourists (of which we were two). Disappointingly poor.

Miau - decent lunchtime menu del dia

Club Allard - Michelin 2* (?). Really, very, very good - but the chef has left

Mercado San Miguel - market hall full of tapas staffs. Great lunctime grazing.

Posada de la Villa - traditional cooking which we usually like and certainly enjoyed here.

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