Madrid Capital, Spain: Restaurant Coque

Does any one know Restaurant Coque ?

Three Michelin Star Restaurant Coque is nestled in one of the loveliest triplex townhouses only 1/ 2 hour south of Atocha Renfe Train Station on the C 5 Line Railway, 28 kilometres.

Executive Chef Mario Sandoval draws on the bounty of local seasonal products which he turns into varios tasting cartes with up scale taste explosions, however, profoundly steeped in tradition with evolutionary twists. The exquisite venue, also houses an incredible wine celler where the guests are invited to have a libation of choice and a palate opener. Our lunch was:
Noquis Boletus Mushrooms served in a mollusk consommé.
Enchanting seasonal vegetables from the Sandoval Gardens.
Grilled crevettes with a curry salt and drizzle of fresh citrus.
Green asparagus, Portobello served with a poached egg.
Sea bream in Escabechado.
Braised on flame fresh wild squid.
Roast lacquered in Wood oven Suckling Piglet (Cochinillo).
Columbian Maracuyá Fruit with Rum Candy and an Espresso and a Port Wine.

Definitely a tantalising and delighting lunch.

This is Mario Sandoval´s Roast Cochinillo …


The address is indicative of a newer establishment and the original restaurant is still located in Humanes not the Capital of Madrid. ( 28 Kilometres from Atocha Renfe Train Station ).

Can a Moderator please correct this ?

Unfortunately, I tried quite a few times, however, I could not place the aparatus on the map of Madrid.

On their website, only the address in Madrid is mentioned. Looks like it has moved according to Trip Advisor. Do you know when did that happened?

When was your meal?

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My Mom confirmed we had lunch at the Humanes location just prior to their relocation to Madrid Capital Winter 2017 and:

we had eaten at the Madrid Coque: in February 2019.

The menú except for the Cochinillo ( on all menus for non vegans or non vegetarians or non carnivores) as the Wood burning ovens were moved as well and we were given a tour of the kitchen …


Three Michelin Starred Chef Mario Sandoval.


I’d completely understand if a moderator wants to delete this but the photos look like something right out of The Menu :joy:

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