Madrid 3 days

I had the one w spider crab cream but the Gilda was out. I did have the individual tortilla at Bodega Donostirria Gros. They recommended the Indurain but I was too full. I’ll go back for that or the Completo tomorrow and the Gilda as the “original” place you mention is supposedly closed tomorrow. I saw it on the Pintxos app you recommended

Is the menu at Antonio Boulevard exactly the same as that in Bar Antonio? Will head there for pintxos

Sorry, I didn’t check the opening days of Casa Vallés.

Yes, the Induráin is another of Bodega Donostiarra’s specialties.

Did you like the pintxo with spider crab cream at Txpetxa?

I can’t tell you if the menu at Antonio Boulevard is the same as the mothership, but probably not exactly.

Menu wasn’t the same at Antonio blvd. seems to cater entirely to the tourist set.

That’s what I feared. The Old Quarter has been tourist overwhelmed.

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To be fair, they have many of the specialties like the tortilla, ravioli w martini sauce, crispy oxtail.

They have the arrow meloso but w clams instead of red prawns.

The crowd was mostly tourists though. But that is pretty much the case for most pintxos joints that are on everyone’s bucket list.

Casa Urola ran out of the Urola pretty early the night I was there.

La Vina does a rip roaring trade in the cheesecakes right up till closing.

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You asked about Casa Amadeo…and I haven’t visited, but today’s El Mundo gastro section has this article about it-

Thanks. Just got into Madrid

Cocktail week starts Monday, September 25 (we had cocktails at LOVO on Echegaray on Monday because Viva Madrid was closed and Salmón Guru couldn’t take us because of a staff shortage). There’s also a new cocktail place on Echegaray called Mauz Madrid that I haven’t tried.
If you’re into craft cocktails, Calle Echegaray in Letras is the place to go.
Salmón Gurú (no rezzies) and Viva Madrid are owned by barman Diego Cabrera.

The Hotel Tapas Tour that’s going on now ends this Sunday.

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Great article. Gracias

Speaking of the best tortilla in Spain-
The annual tortilla competition was held during the Alicante Gastronómica gastronomy conference and this year’s winner-------Cañadío of Santander (tortilla WITH onion),

The other competitors were from A Coruña, Betanzos (the land of the runny tortilla), Vitoria, Madrid (Taberna Pedraza & La Falda), Logroño (Tizona), Bilbao (Bar Sorginsola), San Sebastián (Bar Antonio), plus others I haven’t visited.

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