Madhuram [Fremont, CA]

Yesterday we met some friends for a picnic lunch in Fremont, so we picked up some food from Madhuram. I was intrigued by some of the Keralan/Malabar specialities on the menu. We placed order on the phone for pickup.

Masala Dosa – Large, flavorful filling, and remained relatively crispy even after 20-30 mins of transport. Sambar was excellent – lots of curry leaves, on the thinner side and with noticeable bits of dal. Chutneys were also great – coconut chutney tasted fresh and homemade.

Chicken (and Egg) Kothu Parotta – Sort of like fried rice, except instead of rice it’s bits of torn up parotta. Low level of spice, also lots of spices, and very good.

Shrimp Masala - I wanted to order kannava (squid) masala, but they didn’t have squid, so I got shrimp instead. This dish included several plump shrimp in a fairly large container of tomato/onion curry mixture. This reminded me of similar Burmese shrimp or fish cake curries. Very good.

Idiyappam - I wanted to order regular appam, but they aren’t making them currently. Ordered a side of idiyappam instead, which is basically just rice noodles. They didn’t hold any shape particularly, so this was nearly indistinguishable from a container of boiled rice noodles. But it was good for soaking up the curry.

Prices were very reasonable, and it looks like a nice place for indoor dining once that’s back again.

Located in the same strip mall as a Malaysian place (Layang Layang Express) and a Halal Chinese place (Li Zhou Chinese), this little adventure made me think I need to be visiting Fremont more often!


Pretty sure I ate there in the before times, wasn’t overly impressed. Not great not bad. I also liked the looks of the menu. However it was also late in the evening and things were shutting down, so I resolved to give them a second try — good to year they’re still afoot.

I was checking out the menu that it seems like the Ocean section has the Keralan goodies. I’d try the fish pollichathu in a heart beat. I haven’t seen too many Keralan restaurants around here. The last one I ate at was years ago in Sunnyvale. And I had the fish jpollichathu as well.

@bbulkow Perhaps this is one of those restaurants that serve all the popular Indian dishes but does only their regional dishes well?

From the Ocean

Malabar Fish Curry $12.99

Fish cooked in red chili paste and coconut

Madhuram Fish Curry $12.99

Homemade boneless fish curry

Madhuram Fish Thoran $12.99

Shredded fish cooked with coconut flakes and curry leaves

Madhuram Fish Fry $14.99

Whole fish marinated traditionally and pan fried

Shrimp Masala $13.99

Whole Shrimp sautéed with black pepper and curry leaves

Fish Pollichathu with Kappa $14.99

Fish marinated with spices, wrapped in banana leaf and baked

Kannava Masala $13.99

Squid rings cooked with onion and Indian spices

Perhaps! I usually try to suss out the regional dishes, I don’t remember what I ordered, so I need to give it another try.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold