Mademoiselle Paris - Sarasota UTC FL


So I gather it didn’t live up to your expectations. Not that I’ll ever go there, but you could at least say why.:slightly_smiling_face:

Its a universal fail.

$20 for a glass of warm Champagne
Never asked if I wanted wine with dinner
Fawned over the 4-top to my right and the 3-top to my left and ignored me the entire evening
Not only didnt bring bread with dinner (coq au vin) but didnt ask if I wanted any. (

Told me my lactose intolerance wasnt a problem then served me a slice of smoked salmon on toast for 2 consecutive courses. I told them this Thursday morning when they called to confirm thr the reservation…so two days, not last minute walk-in)

Dished up coq au vin that had no herbs or veggies (not even a sprig of parsley as garnish) but theyd added the wine at the last minute so the broth was watery and harsh with uncooked alcohol.

For which I spent nearly $100 and drove just under an hour each way.

I tipped the Bordeaux-born server 15% because Im not a monster and walked out.

Need more?

Well, it sure beats “Don’t”. Thanks.

But Dont was considerably more succinct

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WTAF? Did you make a stink about this to the server and/or FOH manager? I sure would have.

I did mention it. They couldn’t have cared less.

I was the only single in the whole place. I try to avoid the conclusion, but it seems pretty obvious that a solo diner just wasnt worth the effort. (Shored up by the aerver asking me if I wanted to order for my companion. I looked around, then back at herz and asked, “do I have a companion?”)

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