Made In Carbon Steel Griddle

I’d love it, but I a ways off from your crib. I replaced an old Monarch electric stove from 1928 a few years ago. Loved that thing; but, alas, she could go no further.

I got the home, just not the time to drive to Seattle (though I’d love such a trip.) I heat with wood, though, so I got the oak for it.

Yeah, too bad. If you already heat with wood, depending on your setup and the weather, you might find that the heat from the cook stove is enough. The firebox is small, so you have to add a stick often. But if you run the house that way, you can keep something on the back of the stove all day.

What I liked least about firing it was I had to process and rick shorter wood than I used for the heat stove.

Made In is not cheap.

I have a neighbor who uses a wood cookstove. It does keep that part of the house warm. But, in the cook woodstove, you’re using smaller stuff, whereas my SuperJack (made in 1961) takes a 30" log. When those logs are oak, hickory, elm I can go from 50 degrees to 80 in a flash. Once, when my wife was out of town, I had to go to an event that lasted 16 hours. We had a dog, and only wood heat at the time. Didn’t want to come home to a frozen dog. It was the usual WI winter’s day (12 degrees or so). So, I loaded 'er up for the long day, praying the house wouldn’t be too cool with I got home. 16 hours later, 72 degrees. People oft don’t realize, the embers are the magic of wood heat. That, and I save the creosote after I clean the chimney. Hottest firestarter I know of. Just glows, like instant embers.


I find that the heat from a wood fire is different, more comforting, than that from gas and propane. And it’s not just the satisfaction that comes from processing and handling the firewood.

In your case, you could halve your 30" logs for the cook stove, that’d be about right. But you’d have to split it down pretty fine. Can’t be running out of “biscuit wood”!

I think running a BGE can be easier for folks who already know drafts and dampers. But it doesn’t take long to learn. You just can’t be intimidated.

Richard Bertinet baking bread in a Gozney:


Very cool but out of my financial comfort zone.

Worth knowing what’s out there.

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unless i’ve misunderstood, @justcharlie has offered to have stuff mailed to peeps.

Not to me, by the way. I’d take one of these if he was offering… LoL.

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You never know…