Madcap [Marin, San Anselmo, CA]

Madcap is chef Ron Siegal’s One Michelin Star tasting menu restaurant in the San Anselmo, CA. Chef Siegal has a long history in Bay Area fine dining restaurants including the French Laundry, Charles Nob Hill, Masas, etc. One of my most memorable meals was at The Dining Room at the Ritz Carlton when he helmed the kitchen there many years ago, so I was excited to try his cooking again.
Madcap is small intimate restaurant that he runs with his wife. The style of the food is French/California, thoughtfully composed dishes using peak seasonal ingredients with a Japanese bent. The flavors are delicate and refined but you can taste each element. The cannoli with smoked trout roe and uni, duck tortelloni and basil ice cream were my favorite bites. Great meal and $125 is a relative bargain for a 10 course tasting menu of this caliber. The Marin crowd is funny, some folks dressed up for a special occasion meal and others in shorts, t-shirts and Birkenstocks.


Definitely fancier food than we usually try but that (mostly) looks clever and delicious. The cannoli with the uni, smoked trout roe and corn looks right up my alley. I don’t think I’ve ever had smoked roe. Basil ice cream, really? haha. At least some chocolate served afterwards!

Yeah me too! Before I had a child I went out to a lot of fancy meals, but it’s been probably more than 10 years since I’ve done a tasting menu like this. I really enjoyed it, but it is not something I’m interested in more than once every couple years.

That’s fun !