Mad Hatter, Sea Bright [NJ]

Posted yesterday on their FB page:

It has been a very long year since we have given any construction updates, and it has been an even longer 7 years since we’ve been able to serve our loyal and faithful community. We are very excited to be moving forward with finalizing steps to restart construction. We are 75% complete with construction, and we need approximately 16 weeks to complete before we reopen. It has been a long and painful journey for everyone involved and everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy. We greatly appreciate the continued support and cannot wait to REOPEN!!!

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Man I had some great times there. I miss that place. Dollar beers, 5 dollar pies, darts…

I can’t wait to see what kind of overpriced joint this is going to turn into.

My wife and I were just talking about the same thing last night. Being broke college and then post college kids the $1.00 Miller Lites and cheap but tasty pizza rocked. We were up in arms when they raised the price of the beer to $1.25.

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