[Macau].- Traditional Macanese food @ Riquexo

(Chris) #1

I first became aware of this restaurant by reading an article in the Guardian the week before. It was about the disappearing language of Patuá and mentioned the 102 year old Aida de Jesus who oversees the restaurant and she did indeed make an appearance during our lunch.

This is the link to the article and there’s a video (the first one) showing Aida in the restaurant for those interested.

The restaurant is quite small and a little difficult to find as it’s tucked down an alley. It’s well worth seeking out though. I knew that there would be strong Portuguese influence but beyond that wasn’t completely sure what to expect.

I love salt cod so the Bacalhau a bras was a must. A very good example. The salt cod went very well with the beautifully soft eggs. I really liked the addition of fresh coriander as it lightened the dish.

Galinha a macau was a lovely lightly curried chicken stew with potatoes. Very much the sweeter East Asian style curry rather than a South Asian one.

Chinese kale as a side.

All in all not only a very tasty but also interesting to be eating this kind of food after so long in Asia.