Macadamia no-nos?

If I had one, I’d wager my first-born child that I once read that there is a bad interaction between certain heart medications and macadamia nuts. A friend sent some cookies that include them. I am on different meds than I was back then, so I googled and Wikipediaed macadamia drug interactions. All anything said was that people allergic to peanuts may also react to macadamias.

Does anyone know what the medication(s) implicated are, and why the cautions disappeared?

A group of men with high cholesterol readings got significant improvement from eating macadamia nuts. Other than that I’m clueless.

Is it possible that the nuts may interfere with some lipid-related medications because of that?

P.S. “Macadamia No-Nos” sounds like some special sort of cookies. :slight_smile: