M4 from Heathrow to Wales - good food?

We will be driving from Heathrow to Abergavenny, Wales on Tuesday afternoon and I wondered if anyone has a good recommendation along the M4 for us to stop for tea, coffee, or dinner? Maybe in Reading? Thanks!

I tend to use this website as a starting point for looking for stops near motorway junctions. It should throw up a pub or two doing decent food

By co-incidence, it was only today I casually looking for a lunch stop in Abergavenny, which I’m passing through in a few weeks on my way to Brecon. If you come across anywhere during your stay, please post.

Thanks! I will report back on our dinner at The Gaff in Abergavenny! And any other notable meals.

We’ve got a reservation at the Walnut Tree, at Llanddewi Skirrid, one night when we’re in the area.

That place sounds very nice! We had an unplanned dinner at The Foxhunter Bar inside The Angel, the nice hotel in town. It was all right. They give you free bar snacks which are very welcome since the mains take a while – olives, squares of quiche, and mini fried spring rolls with sweet chili dipping sauce. I had the burger which was huge and had lots of toppings but the meat was a bit too well done. My mom had the pear, gorgonzola, prosciutto tart, topped with some arugula (rocket, sorry!). She enjoyed it. All in all, a cozy meal on a rainy night, and very serviceable, if a bit pricey. I’ll have to do the Gaff in a real thread of its own if it turns out to be wonderful.

Thanks. Made a note of the Foxhunter (good looking lunch menu).

A co-incidence that the hotel is linked with the Walnut Tree.

That’ll be the “free bar snacks”