Lyon Dinner Choices

Hello! I have an upcoming work trip to Lyon, so I will be dining solo. It will be my first visit to the city. I’d appreciate feedback about my dinner choices. (Also open to bakery recommendations!). Thank you in advance.


Prairial or La Mutinerie

Morfal, Bistro B or Les Mauvaises Herbes

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I will be following this thread as we just purchased an apartment in Vieux-Lyon.

But we’ve enjoyed the following thus far.

And for a quick bite …


Thank you for the recommendations! I will look them up and report back after my trip

We had a fabulous dinner recently at Le Gourmet de Sèze. The food was beautifully prepared and the service was attentive but not overly so. It was also well-priced given the quality.

Not interested in going to a bouchon? There are many to choose from. Can’t really get that food outside Lyon.

@ipsedixit mentions Daniel & Denise.

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I was afraid that bouchons would be touristy, but I will look that one up!

I suppose that’s possible, but it would be like avoiding creole food in New Orleans.

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Reporting back on my trip!

Regain - fun atmosphere (bustling, casual, chic) with amazing value, 40 euro for 7 courses (including amuses and pre-dessert). Only the scallop and sunchoke starter really stood out, but all the dishes were tasty. You’re offered two choices per course plus amuses. For my dinner the amuses were a pannise and a pumpkin soup.

Le Lion bar - I went here multiple times and sat outside for a charcuterie board, aperitif, and great people watching.

Prairial - beautiful restaurant design with an open kitchen, friendly service, delicious food. I loved how most of the tables angled towards the kitchen. Very enjoyable meal - maybe a little heavy in acid in some dishes, but the confit beet dish was exceptional and every course was interesting. I appreciated that it was a vegetable heavy meal with lots of bright flavors. Be prepared for a 3.5 hour meal (and I didn’t get the cheese) - there were some 25+ minute gaps between courses.

Pavlova Joel Maier - a delicious snack, I definitely recommend this. Served in a cute little bowl if you’re eating it right away.

Armada - suggested by my hotel. Fast service, relaxed atmosphere with inventive dishes. I loved my quail served over spicy grains. The asparagus and lardo was less interesting but nice to have something crunchy. I heard other tables complain it was too salty, but I didn’t have that problem. I wouldn’t rush back, but for a solo dinner on a casual night it fit what I was looking for perfectly.

Lastly, I didn’t get any pictures because it was such an overwhelming environment, but I did enjoy some traditional Lyonnaise food at the Les Halles de Lyon – Paul Bocuse.


Your dining experience in Lyon looks fabulous! It brought back wonderful memories of a visit (back in 2018). I loved experiencing the creativity that young chefs brought as well as traditional fare. Your photos tell the story so well.