Ly Family Kitchen (Rowland Heights, CA)

Some of the best dumplings in SoCal might be found at this little unassuming shop in a strip mall in Rowland Heights.

Ly Family Kitchen makes a variety of eats, from wontons, to leek pies, to various lu wei (or 滷味), but the thing that makes Ly Family Kitchen stand out are the dumplings, from the old stand-bys like pork and nappa cabbage, but they offer rarely seen varieties like lobster dumplings, corn and chicken dumplings, even mackerel dumplings and not just the ubiquitous “fish” dumplings, although those are on offer as well.

What’s more notable is that they offer frozen dumplings, in bags of 50, for $18-25, with the most expensive being the lamb dumplings at 50/$25. And these are year-round prices, not a Black Friday special.

As an added bonus – they deliver! All the way to Irvine, if need be.

Ly Family Kitchen
18457 Colima Rd, Suites A/B
Rowland Heights, CA 91748

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Hi @ipsedixit,

Nice! :slight_smile: I can’t wait to try this.

Besides the dumplings, what else do you recommend ordering?


Between this and Cindy’s Kitchen, I’m never going to need store-bought dump one ever again.


Thanks @ipsedixit I will add this to my to do list!

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To understand how sorely we’ve missed our favorite Blue Smiling Face @ipsedixit’s contributions, is to make a visit to Ly Family Kitchen and partake of their Handmade Dumplings. :slight_smile: The OG LA Hound’s tips and tasty food findings have been missing for far too long, but things are being made right again with recommendations like Ly Family Kitchen. :blush:

Located inside the generically named “Food Court”, you will find a Shandong Dumpling and Bao (Steamed Bun) Specialist named Ly Family Kitchen.

If we were strolling through the area and saw the signage, we’d probably keep on walking, as nothing in English says that it is a Dumpling or Bao specialist. But thanks to @ipsedixit, we know different. :wink:

Fortunately they have a full menu in English, so it’s easy to order.

Scallion Pancake:

I’m always on the lookout for a great version of a Chinese Green Onion Pancake, and seeing the kitchen staff kneading out dough and making all of their items by hand, we had hopes the Green Onion Pancake (made in-house) would be great.

Unfortunately it was burnt and just OK. :frowning: It is perhaps my own fault for thinking this specialist might make great Green Onion Pancakes. Beyond the burned outside, the actual layers and dough was barely crisped and of good quality (mouthfeel). It wasn’t oily. However, it just didn’t have the depth of crave-worthiness that great versions have, and it lacked sufficient crisp-crunchiness.

Organic Leek & Pork Dumplings:

As @ipsedixit mentioned, Ly Family Kitchen makes their Dumplings in-house. But in addition to that, they offer a huge variety of Handmade Dumplings with some rarer offerings such as Mackerel, Korean Cabbage, Shepherd’s Purse Dumplings, Cuttlefish, Sea Cucumber and more, 23(!) different types of Handmade Dumplings in total. :open_mouth:

  • Note: While many of their offerings are listed in the “Frozen Food” section of the menu, they can make many of them cooked to order for you to eat immediately as well.

Taking a bite of the Organic Leek & Pork Dumplings, this is a thicker-skinned Dumpling, but with gorgeous, pleasing light chew and a toothsome quality. The Organic Leek & Pork filling within is nicely seasoned, savory, fragrant from the Leeks and outstanding! :heart: (@paranoidgarliclover @attran99 @ColinMorey @JeetKuneBao @Sgee and others.)

Pork Pie:

The simply named Pork Pie is even tastier! There’s an incredible, deeply savory, marinated quality to the Pork and Vegetable filling (nothing like a Dumpling filling), and the pan seared Dough adds a pleasing light crisped quality. Wow! This is better than similar-looking “Pies” at Beijing Pie House! :heart:

  • Note: Make sure to ask if they have a fresh batch of the Pies (or if they made it recently). (Or if you can gently reheat on a pan at home, that would be ideal.)

Pork & Cabbage Bao (Steamed Bun):


Like their Dumplings, Ly Family Kitchen makes their Baozi (Chinese Steamed Buns) by hand, in-house as well! Their Pork & Cabbage Steamed Bun is fluffy, airy on the outside, and with a generous amount of mouth-watering Marinated Pork & Cabbage filling within. It was fantastic and they can be bought by the piece (instead of committing to a full order, which usually is too much). Must get! :heart:

They offer 8 different types of Bao in total. I’m most curious about the Shandong Fermentation Bun(!) (@ipsedixit have you tried it?). :wink:

Pork Wonton Soup:

These Wontons are not like Hong Kong / Cantonese-style Wontons, but they are sublime! They are smaller in size and more delicate than the Handmade Dumplings, silky, thinner and delicious! :heart: The Wonton Soup, however is just as impressive: A light, fragrant Chicken Soup, warming, not too salty, with the aromatics of Cilantro and bits of Seaweed.

2nd Visit:

We were so impressed with Ly Family Kitchen, we wanted to make a return visit to check on its consistency, making sure what we ate wasn’t just a fluke (or a dream). :slight_smile:

Fennel & Pork Dumplings:

One of the more unique offerings is their Fennel & Pork Dumplings. It is incredibly aromatic with the Fennel being the star in this dish, and the Marinated Ground Pork, while tasty and porcine, takes a supporting role. Like before, the Handmade Dumpling skin is thick (in a good way), with a nice heft that doesn’t distract. Another outstanding Dumpling offering. :blush:

These were so good that we ended up buying a pack of their Frozen Handmade Dumplings for future meals. :slight_smile: (They offer all 23 types of Handmade Dumplings in larger frozen bags as well.)

(Off-Menu) Chinese Chive Box:

Ly Family Kitchen also makes their own Chinese Chive Box in-house. It is not on the menu, and the only reason we knew about it was that we saw them making a batch for someone else. :slight_smile:

Unlike their Scallion Pancake, the Chinese Chive Box is seared to a beautiful golden brown (perhaps the Scallion Pancake was a fluke). It wasn’t as crisped as I would’ve liked it, but the filling of Chinese Chives, Eggs and Vermicelli Noodles was spot on.

Pork Wonton Soup:

This 2nd time ordering their Handmade Pork Wonton Soup was just as good as the 1st time. In this chilly Winter season, their light Chicken Broth is the perfect antidote, warming, nourishing and the Handmade Pork Wontons are outstanding again, slippery, delicate and with a delicious deep marinated Pork filling. :heart:

Cabbage & Pork Bao (Steamed Bun):


Apparently they have 4 types of Steamed Buns not even on the menu, including this Pork & Cabbage Bao (Steamed Bun). As with the previous Bao we tried, this is fluffy, light and airy, but the filling of Stewed / Sauteed Cabbage and Marinated Pork was absurdly delicious! :heart: Not only was it a massive amount of filling, there was a beautiful, crave-worthy quality to each bite. So good! :heart:

The Quality-Price Ratio is absurdly high here: Their fantastic “Pies” (Beef Pie and Pork Pie) are a mere $2 or $1.50 respectively. :open_mouth: Their Handmade Bao (Steamed Buns) are $1.50. The amazing Pork Wonton Soup is $5.99, and most of their Handmade Dumplings (cooked to order) are $8.99 (bags of their 50-piece Frozen Handmade Dumplings are $18 - $38 (for the Sea Cucumber and Cuttlefish).

Ly Family Kitchen is a new Handmade Dumpling & Pie Specialist that is making some of the best versions of many of the dishes we’ve tried in all of Southern California. Give any of their 23(!) different Handmade Dumplings a try; the Pork & Leek Dumplings and Shepherd’s Purse & Pork Dumplings were excellent, with a beautiful toothsome Dumpling Skin and excellent filling.

Their Beef Pie and Pork Pie are standout offerings, pan-seared and stuffed with a massive amount of absurdly, mouth-watering, savory fillings of Beef & Veggies or Pork & Veggies inside. Their Bao (Steamed Buns) might be the best we’ve had in recent memory, so light and airy, with some great fillings (ask them what they have fresh that day). And be sure to try their Pork Wonton Soup as well.

And so, even in a terrible 2020, we’re thankful to find little silver linings and culinary gems like Ly Family Kitchen. With them and Cindy’s Kitchen (nearby), it makes for a fantastic side excursion to enjoy some excellent Taiwanese and Shandong delicacies in one road trip. (Thanks again @ipsedixit!)

(Cash Only)

Ly Family Kitchen
(in Pacific Plaza Food Court)
18457 E. Colima Rd., Suites A&B
Rowland Heights, CA 91748
Tel: (626) 759-7107


Fantastic report.

Sorry about the scallion pancakes. My bad should have warned you.

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I do enjoy a good pork and leek dumpling. This is relatively close to Cindy’s? Maybe I can do a bang-bang one day…

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Hi @paranoidgarliclover,

Yes! Cindy’s is like 5 - 10 minutes away (along the same street). :slight_smile: Totally worth a bang-bang to finally try both. The Pork & Mushroom Rice, Taiwanese Beef & Tendon Noodle Soup, their Zha Jiang Mian (Soybean Noodles), the 31 different types of Small Dishes and more! :blush:


Hi @ipsedixit,

Thank you for the great recommendation! :slight_smile: No worries about the Scallion Pancakes, a minor hiccup for an otherwise fantastic menu. :slight_smile:

Looks great!!!

By any chance did you see the mother daughter duo that is running the Shanghainese restaurant in the same food court?

Hi @JeetKuneBao,

Thanks. I hope you get to try the specialist. :slight_smile: Make a stop by Ly Family Kitchen and Cindy’s Kitchen next time. :slight_smile:

No, we walked into the food court, found Ly Family Kitchen and just ordered there. Are there other good restaurants in that food court? Any recommendations? :slight_smile: Thanks.

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Gonna eat here for lunch with my dad. Anything else you recommend besides the dumplings? Looks like they are Shandong peeps. Any Shandong items I should get?

Thank you in advance and my review will follow.

Ironically I’ll be having dinner at my Shandong-Taiwanese 90 year old grandma place tonight lol. I got a feeling if I take her here she will think she can do better lol you know how Chinese granny’s are




Looking forward to reading your review!