LUSH, handy app for cocktails

This is a very handy app for mixing common and uncommon cocktails per glass. We have found the quick reference essential to hosting on the fly. Fun to use.

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I’m curious about the content and accuracy of the cocktails, but I don’t do Apple.

I have no idea who created the app, their cred or how the list was compiled. What I will vouch for is that as a guide for making common cocktails on the fly, that I am not familiar pouring, it is fine for the home barkeep, imo. I have a stocked home bar and very ltd. knowledge on cocktails.

Your background is enviable, I’m a happy beginner.

JMF, if you have a solid alternative for a handy pocket cocktail finder, please share it.

Martin Douderoff has good apple apps, plus he created gaz regans, Beachbum Berrys, PDT, Dave Wondrich Punch, and more.
It seems it’s easier to write apple apps than Android, so there are more cocktail apps on apple.

Personally I use Evernote and have over 4363 recipes on it at last count. Solid ones. But those are for my personal use and research. I have all of Beachbum Berry’s tiki drinks with attribution to the original creators name, time, and place; and other places variations. Quite a few books: Mr. Boston’s two latest editions, the ones Jim Meehan and then Jonathan Pogash edited. PDT, Death & Co., Dead Rabbit, Smugglers Cove, Morgenthalers, Boudreau’s, and many more of the best modern books, plus several hundred that were given to me personally by bartenders from all over the world. I also have quite a lot from the 1800’s-1940’s from old classic books, and various researchers like Ted Haigh. In addition around 100+ I created that have been put on bar menus around the USA.

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Appreciate your detailed reply. You’ve given me a few hours of app reading and book references to dive into. :+1:

Your generosity of knowledge makes forums a real pleasure.

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iPhone only…womp womp

Which app have you tried? What’s your impression?

Lush is no longer free. $2 to d/l the app.
Highball, free but requires the latest iPhone update to use is another handy and shareable cocktail app.

While I havent found any cocktail apps are going to replace a great mixologist anytime soon :grinning: having a handy pocket guide for the most common mixed drinks very handy. Say, I am at the liquor store and the employee is about as clueless as I am, I pull out my phone, open the app and purchase the right liquor option in the quantity I will need (party or drinks for two). That alone makes the app a tool.

I haven’t used any of the apps that cost $5 or more because if I want alot more detail I will go to the library or read up online.

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