Lupulandia - Mission District, San Francisco

RUN, DON’T WALK, to Lupulandia for their quesabirria, which they so far only serve at brunch.

This is the best of the quesabirrias I’ve had so far (sorry Tacos El Patron). Make sure you dip the taco in the consomé served with it (in that little tin cup.) And then drink the rest down.

Their fries are good too.

here’s my review for Mission Local.

Great cocktails, too. And I just love that it’s a Latino-owned and run place - which sadly is not commonplace in the Mission anymore.


According to Hoodline, they’ll be serving them on Tuesdays from 5-10pm as well.

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Good to hear, thanks!

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I wish I had read this thread more closely as I went by on a Friday night looking for some quesabirria tacos and was informed that they only have them on weekends and Tuesdays. So instead I had a couple of panza (tripe) tacos and a taco de pescado.


Both were quite good. The fish taco was a good battered fish taco topped with mayo and cabbage and the two tripe tacos had flavorful bits of chewy tripe along with a little meat as filling. Both types of taco had a semi crispy single tortilla shell. The panza tacos were topped with a bit of vinaigrette dressed spring mix which I didn’t expect but added a little acid which was nice. They also came with a slightly spicy broth for dipping.

I went back today on a (taco) Tuesday and tried the quesabirria tacos. Good stuff. Tender beef and goat meat with melted cheese and some onions and radish(?) to provide some crunch and acidity. The same crispy slightly fried tortillas. These also came with a broth that was a bit lighter than the one that came with the panza tacos.

Beerwise, I liked their IPA and didn’t really care for their citrus wheat beer. They were out of their hazy IPA both times. $5-$6 for a pint which is pretty reasonable.

Regular Food Menu

Taco Tuesday Menu

After taco Tuesday I had second dinner at WesBurger & More across the street to try their new smashed style burger :pig: . A good simple burger with a thin patty that had a caramelized exterior.


The quesabirria is beef, not goat. While birria technically does man goat, it seems that somewhere along the line, either in Mexico or L.A., they started referring to any kind of stewed meat as “birria.”

i liked that tripe taco as well, but i’m pretty sure I’m going to be going back on the days they have the quesabirria from now on.


Birria de chivo is the best-known, but other non-goat meats are also popular in Jalisco. This piece cites a cookbook that mentions that there are many regional variations even within Jalisco:

In the middle of the Mercado San Juan de Dios in central Guadalajara there are about a dozen birrerias, and most of them offer goat, lamb, and veal (I think - but now I can’t remember for certain whether this last option was ternera (veal) or conejo (rabbit)).


The menu pic posted by @Mr_Happy does say beef and goat.

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Oh wow, totally missed that! Beef AND goat! Thanks, sorry… No wonder it was so good! But I didn’t taste the goat at all.

Yeah I imagine with the combination the goat taste would get buried. Too bad - I’m a big fan of goat. Gotta check this place out.

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We were going to go to Delfina but the crowd was too much, then I remembered I’d been wanting to try Lupulandia. 3 taco plate ($15) - 2 baja fried fish and 1 quesabirria; 3 pastor street tacos; guacamole and chips; passionfruit sour ale; delicious mocktail for the teen.
There is so much to like about this place, it’s funky, really spacious, they brew their own beers, have cocktails (including 2 slushy cocktails), the food is solid and the staff is really nice. I was asking about their beers and the bartender just poured me tastes of all three of their own brews and a taste of the slushy cocktail. Despite his warning that the passionfruit sour was really sour, it was actually well balanced and perfect on a hot SF night, He spent 5 minutes making my daughter a mocktail that was complex and delicious. Baja tacos were good, fresh fish, ton of shredded cabbage and crema - I should have asked for some lime though. Quesabirria taco was solid, nice pickled onions to balance some of the richness, Guacamole was really good and the chips seemed homemade. Al Pastor street tacos (3 for $10) were not very good - get the the 3 taco plate instead, more choices and better/bigger tacos. I was surprised at how little the bill was and looked at it when I got home and realized it was happy hour pricing at 6:45 on a Saturday night! who does that? So the beer, already a reasonable $7/pint was $6 and the 3 taco plate was $12 instead of $15. Will definitely be back.


friend just texted me yesterday about going there for beers soon. quesabirria taco will be required for me!