Lupa Ristorante, Berkeley Heights

I don’t know that I’ve ever started a thread on a place I haven’t been to, so consider this a first. My good friend Eric is on here but I can’t seem to find his user name. As a chef, Eric is someone I trust when it comes to food, so I’m sharing his review of this place because he was raving about it and then said he posted a review on Yelp. Sure sounds like this is a spot our NNJ HOs need to know about if you don’t already! (Looking at you @paryzer and Mrs. P., although they have a liquor license.) Here’s what he wrote:

We had a wonderful meal at Lupa Ristorante in Berkeley Heights, NJ

One of the things I Iook for in a restaurant and ultimately it’s Chef is passion on the plate. Passion abounds at Lupa Risorante.

The meal starts with the most incredibly light homemade Focaccia served with a chilled Tomato sauce.

Our starter was a Burrata, Sausage and Truffle paste on toast. I have a high tolerance for salt so I adjusted this dish to my flavor profile with a pinch of table salt. I do appreciate that the Chef seasons his food with a lighter touch.

Our Secondi was a plate of Housemade Pasta Cacio e Pepe. A gorgeous Chew on the pasta hit the mark and a beautifully light Cacio e Pepe sauce made from Parmesan, Black Pepper and Pasta water.

Our mains were a perfectly executed Loin of Cod with a light Breadcrumb and pistachio coating and…

We finally found an Eggplant Parmesan made in the style that I make at home with thin, delicate layers of eggplant, a silky cheese layer and a robust marinara. This is easily our favorite Eggplant Parmesan within a 20 mile radius of our universe.

It is clear to us that Chef Adolfo Marisi cares deeply about his country and his craft. This is becoming increasingly rare and it is refreshing to have such devotion so close to home.

Lupa Ristorante
449 Springfield Ave
Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922
(908) 464-6644

Anyone been?


It looks really good but we only go to BYO’s.

This came up on my fb feed a couple days ago from glad to know it is a good as the piece suggested.

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