Lunette Cambodia [San Francisco, Embarcadero]

I had a late lunch at Lunette Cambodia in the Ferry Building today. Today was their official grand opening. Lunette is a new Cambodian restaurant from chef Nite Yun and a followup to Nyum Bai, her Cambodian restaurant in the Fruitvale BART plaza that closed back in 2022. I really liked Nyum Bai.

More info from Eater SF:

The opening menu. You order and pay at the counter and get a number.

I had the KFC (Khmer Fried Chicken) ($16)
Salt and Kampot pepper fried chicken
Which was delicious - two large drumettes and two wing pieces that were nicely fried and had a salt and pepper flavoring, along with some lime wedges to squeeze on.

And I also had a bowl of the Kuy Teav Phnom Penh ($21)
Rice noodles, shrimp, pork three ways, crispy garlic cilantro, and scallion in 8-hour pork broth. Made with all the extra love <3
Nyum Bai had a great kuy teav Phnom Penh, a noodle soup dish in pork broth. It’s a dish with Chinese Teochew origins and also known in Vietnam as hu tieu Nam Vang (thanks Google). This bowl was delicious and satisfying, as good as I remember as the one from Nyum Bai. It had crunchy fried pork crackling cubes, ground pork, shrimp, thinly sliced pork, mung bean sprouts, thin rice noodles, and a delicious pork broth that was just a little sweet. It was a great bowl of noodles.

Will be back!

More pics:


I’m at the Ferry Building several days a week. I can’t wait to try them once they’ve been open a couple of months and have gotten their sea legs.

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Was that Nite Yun in the last pic?

Wished she would have picked a easier location to get to…! Ferry Building is a pain in the ass unless one works nearby, and its a mad house on Saturdays.

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