Lunch Recs for South Amboy Area

The Sprout will be in South Amboy Saturday and is looking for a lunch place. Any recommendations? She and her friend are looking at an apartment and want a get a feel for what food is in the area. (She’ll also take any apartment leads - she’s not finding much available).

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@gcaggiano to the courtesy phone… (I think)


Fernandes 3 on Rt 35 N
If your interested in full service indoor.

Taco Stop also on Rt 35 N one block away for takeout with outdoor picnic table seating.

For a decent bowl of pho or a banh mi.
No outdoor seating though but they do take out


Thank you so much for the recommendations. I’ll pass them along to her. I doubt they’d be interested in Fernandes for lunch but is good to know for the future should they move there. Both Taco Stop and Pho Da Nang sound right up their alley.

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Let me add another recommendation for Pho Da Nang.


Thanks @eleeper . We are always looking for good Vietnamese.

Fernandes has a lunch special rodizio for 25 bucks now if she’s interested!

I thought you said you’ve been to Pho Da Nang, that place is great for non-pho items because their menu is huge. They have a KBBQ style tabletop beef thing that is fun and interesting. Also right next door at the veggie market you can get all sorts of awesome Polish meat!

There’s also Bourbon St right next door to that…


Haven’t been there though I’ve to places in Toms River, Eatontown, Howell, and Brick. I may have to take a trip even if she doesn’t end up in South Amboy.

Food-wise it sounds like it may be a pretty decent neighborhood which is important to her and her friend.

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Pho Da Nang is just north of the Ernston Road, where you have Patel’s food mart (big selection), as well as two (or possibly three) Indian restaurants, an African restaurant and an African market, Singha’s Pizza, Texas Roadhouse, Bubba’s 33, and Panera, among others.


THERE’S the intel!!

WOW! Thanks for this great info!

More Perth Amboy than South Amboy!

Darn. I knew there was an Amboy in the mix! :roll_eyes: