Lunch recommendations on Clement St. near 23rd Ave?

Near the 4 Star theater please.

Spicy Legend on Clement near 21st has delicious Sichuan food and a very good beef pancake

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New Oyaji restaurant on Clement and 32nd has some pretty good lunch specials. Their chawan mushi is also quite good :slight_smile:

Hard Knox Cafe is at 2448 Clement Street between 25~26th Avenue for Southern food.

New Oyaji is my go-to lunch spot when I volunteer at the Legion of Honor museum. The $10 Lunch Specials are a good value.
It’s a bit of a trek from the 4-Star theater.

I had decided on Fried Chicken at Hard Knox but will probably not make the trip over this weekend. Thanks though for leading me to the reaization that the Mid Richmond isn’t that far from the Inner Richmond, which I do visit from time to time.