Lunch recommendations near the Nikko Hotel?

I’ll be attending a conference centered in the hotel district around Mason and Geary. In the past I’ve gone to Brenda’s and plan to go up to El Rincon Yucateco. I might even go to Lefty O’Doul’s.

Any other lunch spots that are in easy walking distance? I’d like to take a break and have a good lunch instead of the the assembly-line sandwich lunches the conference provides.

Anyone know of a French-style cafe at the foot of Jones or Mason at Market? Melanie Wong? once posted that they had pastries made by Philippe of Patisserie Philippe.

Kin Khao is just down the street from the Nikko Hotel and very good. I’ve only been for dinner though.

Mr. Happy just pre-empted my post! I’d go now since smart money thinks its getting a Michelin star. It has, until now, had a Bib Gourmand rec. Don’t miss the potted mushroom ap.

I thought the lunch menu was pretty sparse at kin khao. Khao soi and pad kee mao were below average imo. Rabbit curry was tasty but the rabbit itself was dried out.

I agree. The dinner menu and food I thought was much more interesting and varied. The one time I ate lunch there I thought I should have walked a few blocks over to Lers Ros.

In defense, I have long stopped ordering bunny in restaurants. It is dry and tough almost always, even at kitchens that have great track records with other meats. In fact, I can’t think of another meat that has disappointed me more away from home.

Admission: I have only dined at KK at dinner, but I have heard from some really cranky food nerds that lunch was superb. So, back to square one…

Locally I’ve had very nice rabbit at Progress and La Folie iirc

Also, anywhere near there where I can get a decent bowl of oatmeal before my long day starts. Sears Fine Foods? Farm To Table?

Tycoon Thai (620 O’Farrell) Focused on Isan Thai and Lao and good draft beer.

Kyu3 Noodle & BBQ (337 Jones) Northern Thai meets izakaya. Maybe best boat noodles in town, squid ink fried rice.

Sing Sing Cafe (309 Hyde) Best banh mi in town, IMHO.

Mikkeller Bar (34 Mason) opens at noon and serves food (including beer & brat special for $12)

I used to swear by the half rabbit with fries at Il Pollaio, but haven’t had it in years.

I second the rabbit, which actually tastes like rabbit rather than chicken. Too many rabbit preps drown out the delicate subtle flavor of rabbit, so theirs is the only one I’ve ordered repeatedly in the Bay Area.

Il Pollaio has my favorite chicken, but that is a trek from downtown. The chicken, fries and salad are the same as always, but Gaby the cheerful waitress is long gone. I usually only had an hour break and the raison d’etre was to go to technical sessions.

I ended up going to The Sentinal every morning for breakfast. Had lunch twice at Lefty O’Doul’s for the meatloaf (pretty good) and shortribs (so so) specials. It was convenient and filling. One day I walked to the Civic Center Farmers Market and had a Lorocco Pupusa at Estrellita’s stand and the last day ate at B&M Mei Sing when I attended a keynote near Moscone…

I read about Sing Sing Cafe subsequent to the conference, but I would have given that a try if I had known.

A few years ago Melanie Wong (I think) mentioned a small cafe at the foot of Jones or Mason that had pastries from Patisserie Phillipe. I walked those blocks but found nothing like that. Did I miss something?

Le P’tit Laurent does a good job with rabbit.

Sounds like this suggestion is a little too late, but for next time: Sweet Woodruff.

How are the deviled eggs with bone marrow?

That was probably my last work conference, but Sweet Woodruff is very near my friend’s bookstore at Leavenworth and Post. Now that B&M Mei Sing is closed on Saturdays, am auditioning places between the financial district and the store for my weekend lunches.

I second that also . Rabbit that tastes like rabbit .

Haven’t had the deviled eggs with bone marrow. I am not in the area very often (once a year maybe) but I like to go there when I’m nearby around lunchtime.

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