Lunch recommendation in JP [MA]

I’ll be at the Faulkner Hospital on Centre St in JP on Thursday. Amazingly, it’s only 8 miles from where I live in Davis Square, Somerville but that area might as well be a different world. I feel strangely more familiar with Portland, Maine’s food scene than that side of Boston. I apparently don’t pay attention to food news all the way over in Jamaica Plain, so tell me where I should get an early lunch/late breakfast (about 11). Something unique and memorable… I’ll be eternally grateful! (or at least the whole time I’m eating)

The Haven is fun and the food is really good if you like Scottish stuff, but it’s kinda on the pricey side for what you get.

I like The Old Havana a lot, too, but the service can be a slow sometimes.

Thanks. Ended up at the Noodle Barn. Had a passable but not exciting bun.