Lunch party in Westchester NY- suggestions wanted!

I’m helping plan a party for about 25 people in Westchester. Because we have people coming from the city i’d rather not go further north than Mt. Kisco and no sound towns for us, central and river towns only… Looking for a lunch menu around 30-40$ pp, no open bar necessary (we will do by consumption as no big drinkers). So far we have great leads from The Turk, Pub St, and Cafe of Love. Fortina is a fortune-a so no go on that. Since this is Hungry Onion, obviously I want recommendations only with legitimately good food and menus not dumbed down for a crowd (hello, Village Social). Ethnic is fine though I prefer no Asian and I can’t do Indian. Would like a place with nice decor so we don’t have to do much. ideas? TIA

I understand that the Bee Hive in Armonk does a nice lunch for a crowd. Keep in mind that this is a comfort food style place. Also, what about Amore in Armonk?

I didn’t know BeeHive did parties. Thanks! Ill look into that. Amore we loved for the last party we did but we want something different- no Italian this time.

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I like Beehive but the decor isn’t especially exciting. When we were planning our first HO down last year, Fortina gave me options for a lunch prix fixe that were within your budget, although the choices at that price point were somewhat limited. Have they raised their prices substantially?

Not sure about prices at Lexington Square but they definitely do parties and the place is very good looking.

Haven’t actually eaten there,but looked at red hat on the river and it might be in your price range and I’ve heard good things about it. Being on the water is always a nice + (there are several restaurants right there).

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As far as diner’s go, Beehive is my favorite. But it is a diner. Not sure if that is the kind of venue that ieatalotoficecream is looking for.

@richb51 I will look into RH but if it’s the same as when I was looking for a wedding luncheon for 125 people I think they reserve Saturday lunchtime for weddings/large parties so I’m not sure they’d accommodate our smaller party. And I guess I forgot to mention that we do want Sat lunchtime.

How’s the food there? I’ve never been so I hesitate to reserve without trying.

Food is good with something for everyone. Place is large and very good looking.

Tarrylodge in Port Chester, I usually host my parties there.
I have colleagues that come in from Eastern Long Island, and Northern Connecticut.
Port Chester is an easy ride for all. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @heyphonelady ! Welcome to Hungry Onion. Tarry Lodge is a great suggestion, thanks, and that reminds me we haven’t been there in a while. We will keep it in mind for next time! We ended up going with The Turk in Mt. Kisco as we are really happy with the package they are offering and they will also close down the restaurant for us. It’s not for a few months but I will report back on it!

What other places do you like in Westchester?

I would hesitate booking anything that far in advance at a B&B restaurant. Just sayin’.

Hmm- true!

Welcome heyphonelady!

Thank you :blush:

@Homestyleturkey good point, I hadn’t thought of that. Has there been any news of anything drastic with his restaurants? It sounded like they were disassociating from batali?

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