Lunch Near the St. Regis Hotel

I rarely have lunch in Manhattan, especially midtown where prices can be astronomical. However, a friend will be in town next week and we need to find a place within walking distance of the hotel (10-15 minutes max). I’ve discovered that many places in the area are booked solid or closed on the day we want to meet. Any suggestions welcome; prix fixe would be great but not mandatory.

Since David Chang closed Ma Peche, my top picks are:

Quality Italian
BLT Steak
The Plaza Food Hall

Benoit, the French bistro via Alain Ducasse, is a favorite of ours. We just had a superb lunch there yesterday. In addition to the delicious cuisine, there’s an excellent wine list, service is attentive, and ambiance is lovely. Despite the AD ownership, it isn’t ridiculously expensive. Located one block west of the St. Regis, on 55th, between 5th and 6th.

Look at the Bar room at The Modern, they also take reservations for the outdoor terrace just three days before - if it cools off enough for that to sound like a good idea.

The Modern, and the Bar Room, were among the first places I looked at. Both have no availability on the day we’re meeting. :disappointed:

Yes, Benoit is a definite contender but that’s where we went the last time my friend was in town! We had a wonderful lunch there and may go back, but it would be nice to try somewhere new.


Might be worth asking to be notified of any cancellations… at this rate the outdoor seating option might be too freaking hot!

+1 for aquavit, that’s a good call, i just saw a clip of the pastry chef making their famous bird’s nest dessert and it’s intense how much works goes into it.
Oh, or there’s also the city harvest lunch menu at le bernardin in the lounge if you’re both pro- fish.

And as crazy as this sounds the cafe at the top of bergdorf goodman’s is kind of fabulous. It’s been a while but they do make a good entree salad and there’s a great view (not to mention fun people watching)

Just got an email about a new lunch menu at Aquavit, two courses

Where did you end up going?