Lunch Near the Park Hyatt

Next week, I will be driving into the city to have lunch with a cousin staying at the Park Hyatt. He has asked me to pick a lunch spot, near the hotel (because we have limited time). I have not been into Manhattan since before the pandemic so am really out of touch with what’s available. In past years, we have been to Marea, Lincoln and Benoit. Need some suggestions! TIA.

Blue Ribbon - Columbus Circle
La Grande Boucherie

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Can you narrow it down a bit more? (High end European midtown is what I got from your prior list.)

“High end” is a fair description. Although I would gladly go to a Japanese or Indian restaurant, I’m not sure my cousin would. I do know that he has previously been to Jean-Georges and one of Boulud’s restaurants. :grinning: Again, we are going to be limited to the immediate area.

Physical constraint? 1-2 blocks around the hotel?

There are the places at the former time Warner center, some of which have changed up, some the same.
Blue ribbon as Ziggy mentioned

A bit further away
The modern
Milos (original location)
Il gattopardo
Le Bernardin
Indian accent
Ocean prime
Rock center places - Le rock etc

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Loi Estiatorio Greek Restaurant., 152 W. 58th St. We had an excellent lunch there in August.

Here’s my blogpost about it.

Four Days of al Fresco Dining in NYC: Loi Estiatorio | The Wizard of Roz (


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Normally I would suggest Marea, but given its recent change in chefs, I would give it a few more months for things to settle in before visiting.

That said, I would opt for either Nerai or if you had to French, perhaps Nougatine, but if it were me, I’d go to Turnstyle Underground Market and just hang out and grab whatever I am in the mood for. Korean corndogs, doughnuts and a taro milkshake sound pretty good to me. But then, that’s just me.

Thank you for all the suggestions. Now begins the research! :grinning:

Indian Accent (on @Saregama’s list) is just a block over, and closer than some of the other places you have been. That would probably be my choice, FWIW.

Doesn’t appear to be open for weekday lunch.

Sorry, you are right! I thought I had checked that but must have been looking at the weekend.