Lunch near the Aquarium for a family of 12 (Boston)

So my entire family is coming for the weekend - there will be 12 of us ranging in age from 1 to 78 (8 adults, 4 kids). I think we are going to the Aquarium on Saturday to help get everyone out and about.

But I realized I have no idea where in that area to take that large of a group, let alone somewhere that will make everyone happy. We may just end up at Quincy Market so that everyone can pick and choose what will make them happy (though I’m not sure I’ll be happy with that).

While all the adults will eat anything - some of the kids are in the “picky eater” phase (last time I made deep dish pizza for everyone, thinking it would be a home run, I mean it’s deep dish pizza - but at that point one kid wasn’t eating cheese and another wasn’t eating tomatoes . . . . . ugh)

Any suggestions or thought? I’d prefer not to have to make reservations because when the whole family gets together it is almost impossible to stick to a schedule and I doubt we could get somewhere at a specific time (someone will have a meltdown - and not just the kids).


Not my typical suggestion, however based on your criteria, I might suggest to Bertucci’s right there. Big loud from, if anyone has a meltdown it will hardly be noticeable.

Great suggestion, I didn’t know there was one there.

All my ideas are “not my typical suggestions” either - it is just going to be one of those days. If everyone is being angels I might see if they are willing to try Legal Seafood right there. I’ve never been in that one specifically but would assume from the location that they “may” be able to handle a 12 walk-in . . . .

I really don’t like the food but my other thought was something like Durgin Park - but I’m not sure if the kids will even be into the menu, so that is a bit risky, though they could handle the group size.

There’s a cafeteria at the aquarium that is usually mobbed on weekends…and it is true cafeteria style mediocre food. There is also a Legal Seafood very close by. I was recently at a different Bertuccis and the food was worse than ever. Wouldn’t work if there is a kid who doesn’t eat pizza.

I just had some folks visiting me who LOVED that specific Bertucci’s, but their taste in food is somewhat suspect I believe. These aren’t some of my “we plan for your visit for weeks by making up restaurant lists.”

Nowhere near food-centric, but our family of 3 (me, B, and 21-month old spring onion) stopped by recently for an early dinner after the aquarium and it was fine. With such a big group (and the aquarium can be exhausting if it’s crowded), I’d stick to something very close, with a big space (there’s a private-ish room out back according to B but I didn’t see it), adult beverages for those who need them, and a “safe” menu. Curious to hear where you end up!


I’d go with Legal. They have default items on the kids’ menu and the adults will be able to get something at least satisfactory, and perhaps better.

A seafood restaurant directly after an aquarium visit? There’s a joke in there somewhere…

Lol. Left out sort of crucial info in my post - State Street Provisions.

Another option in this vein is the Boston Public Market. The options are a bit more limited but arguably more appealing than Quincy Market.

What time do you (think) you will be eating? Walk in for 12 may be tough even at Legal at peak hours.

I go to the Boston Public Market about twice a month on weekends. If the weather is good, they can get whatever food and sit on the Greenway (I don’t have any suggestions for location), but I cannot imagine finding seating for 12 inside the market to eat on a Saturday unless one of the communal tables happens to be empty. I usually buy food to take home to cook, but I would agree that my limited experience with their prepared foods is much better than Quincy Market.

Yes thank - BPM was on the list of options as well. and I think the weather is supposed to be nice now (though who knows, yesterday was supposed to be too -ugh edit: just rechecked weather now saturday is rainy) so eating on the green would make that more of an option.

I’m just going to have to be very flexible on things this weekend, it will be like herding cats I’m sure :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone

Cruise Director is a thankless job!

Even the aquarium serves a quasi adult fresh fish dish in the cafeteria and used to sponsor sustainable fish and wine dinners.

Did you manage to keep everyone happy?

It’s amazing how only less than 48 hours can just seem like constant pure chaos - but we had a great time.

I will be saving everyone’s ideas on my phone so that I can use them the next time everyone is in town - I’ll need them.

For this trip . . . we ended up eating at the Aquarium cafeteria (hangs head in embarrassment). There really weren’t any other options.

We ended up getting there at about 10:45am - along with everyone else in Boston since it was a rainy saturday (and Head of the Charles - so what else do tourists do in Boston on a rainy day). About an hour later, the kids needed a break from the crowds and were getting hungry but we weren’t done with the aquarium. So it was just easiest to eat there, rather than try to leave - find a restaurant - eat - and then herd everyone back to the aquarium.

Thanks for the suggestions though - they will all be back again, so I will need those thoughts again in the future!

Now to wash sheets and towels for the next 3 days . . . .