Lunch Near Newark Airport

I’m driving The Sprout to the airport for a 3PM flight tomorrow and thought it would make more sense to get lunch there rather than down here. I’m drawing a blank on where to go. I’m looking for something other than the Ironbound since we’ll be going there for dinner after her return flight.

Any suggestions?

KRUGS!!! Burger is supposed to be fantastic

Or… Hobby’s Deli!
Or…go to Chengdu 23 in West Belt Mall!
Or…go to the original Stamna in Bloomfield just outside Montclair!
Or…go to Razza in JC or Maplewood!

Valenca in Elizabeth is 10 minutes max from the airport

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Thanks for all the suggestions. The Sprout was able to cancel her flight so we will probably end up in Asbury for lunch.