Lunch near brain / 9th in San Francisco

Any recommendations for interesting spot for lunch in this area

Do you mean Brannan and 9th? The SoMa Streat Food park is near there at 11th Street across the street from Costco. Rotating list of trucks along with some permanent fixtures like the Lil Burma truck.

Oops thx - autocorrect Yes Brannan
Hoping to be inside since it’s a little chilly today

StrEat Food Park has indoor seating and I’m guessing lots of heaters. Sunrise Cafe is supposed to be pretty good (Bryant & Dore). Marlowe is fancier and is Brannan & 4th.

If they are still open Bonjour Patisserie is a block further south on 9th and half a block east. I haven’t really been there since Phillippe left but the pastries were OK. They used to serve lunch. A couple of years ago there was a Korean food truck that stopped at 9th and Brannan. Also there used to be a hole-in-the-wall diner on 8th. Burgers and sandwiches but they used to make fresh apple pie and had a Chinese rice plate special.

Thanks - great idea. Since the weather was good ended up doing that
Had gyro - little light on meat but rice was nicely flavored and sauce was good
Appreciate the suggestion