Lunch in Segovia

Looking for lighter lunch in Segovia. Definitely do not want to have suckling pig nor roast lamb. There are just 2 of us, so we probably could not even order the suckling pig.

Segovia sans suckling pig or baby roast lamb but still gourmet dining?

For a change of pace, we’ve gone to Casa Silvano Maracaibo, off the trodden tourist trail (but still easily walkable). The chef has been awarded one Repsol sun, gets a nod from Michelin and receives solid reviews from the professional food critics. Dining is a la carte, no tasting menu required.
It’s bookable on The Fork and gets a 9.3 rating. It also offers excellent Ribera del Duero wines.


If it doesn’t have to be in Segovia proper and you have a car, we also enjoy terrace dining at the delightful Portada del Mediodía in Torrecaballeros (charmingly rustic decor), which is a lovely little town with pretty Romanesque church. Here we dine a la carte–no lechazo (baby lamb), no tostón (roast suckling pig, what they call it in Segovia city). Salads and lighter fare on the menu. Also gets a Michelin nod.

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Thank you! Looks interesting but probably too much for us at lunch. In general we are kind of salad/sandwich/appetizer/soup, no main course/desert for lunch people. Mostly because we prefer to have tasting menu type dinners can’t manage two elaborate meals a day.
Actually looking at the menu at Meson de Candido I see quite a few lighter options, so perhaps it does not have to be pig or lamb.
Practical question: if we sat down at Meson de Candido for lunch at 13:00, could we still comfortably make 14:42 train?
Or maybe a good tapas place you can suggest?

I thought that might be the case.

Actually José María has more lighter options than Mesón de Cándido and gets less tourist traffic because it´s located off the Plaza Mayor rather than directly in front of the aqueduct. I’ve been to all the roasting houses (hornos de asar) in Segovia, and for my money, the cuisine at José María is just a bit above the rest. I send vegetarians and those who want to eat “light” there because of the more varied menu.

But if you’re coming from Madrid on the train, you may want to choose Cándido so as to grab a taxi more easily to take you back to the Segovia-Guiomar AVE station. There on the square you can more easily grab a taxi. The bus 11 across the street will take you there too, but I would grab a taxi to make sure you can make that 14:42 train. The bus takes 15 min. and is timed to the AVANT/AVE train schedules.

Alternatively, if you choose José María tell them when you sit down that you’ll need a taxi sent to get you to that 14:42 train. Or at José María you can have tapas at the bar (which I’ve done).

There is a new place directly to the right of Cándido for casual fare with outdoor terrace. I haven’t eaten there but it was busy when we walked by at lunch time.
And next to the Plaza Mayor there’s the Bar el Sitio, that gets a “solete” (their recognition of good casual places) from the Repsol guide. Salads on the menu.

I’ve enjoyed El Sitio for tapas and also endorse Maribel’s recommendation for Jose Maria having the best non-pig and lamb dishes. Note that if you eat at the bar you can order a small portion of toston that won’t be too heavy if you share it. I also recommend the flan.

I can also recommend the sorbete de limón at José María that can be ordered at the bar as a palate cleanser. Yes, there’s no reason to order a whole tostón, just a portion.

So we went to Meson de Candido - sat on the terrace and had a few smaller (jamon, peppers, salad) bites gazing at the aqueduct. Was it a culinary highlight,? No, it was not, but the service was friendly, Albarino was light and crisp, and the view priceless. Don’t regret it for a moment. Will have a gastronomic dinner back in Madrid.

Thanks for reporting back. Have a great gastronomic adventure in Madrid!

That’s a good tip on the view. Will think about for our next trip.