Lunch in or near Giverny (Normandy, France) ?

So, I’m thinking of doing this touristy thing I have never done. I would get to the gardens early when they open and then plan a walk to the town, maybe? I know the shuttle goes to the garden, but presumably I can get back to the train station from wherever I have lunch with a taxi…Anyway, no obsessing over details, assume I could also get a taxi to a nearby place for lunch. Not looking for anything fancy, just really good cooking nearby? Thoughts?

Merci as always.

Well, it is rather “fancy”/ upscale — but just a few blocks away, we greatly enjoyed a few years ago, and would certainly return the next time we visit the gardens.

I think that jardinesplumes is where we ended up on our visit to Giverny. The link Deuxcheaux gave looks like it from my memory but it could be a different place. Memory is a funny thing. It was late April, 16 years ago. After leaving the gardens we went for a walk around and ended up at what looks like Jardineplumes which was almost empty. We sat outside on a small table and enjoyed a glass of wine and a small snack. I am guessing it will be more crowded this time of year. It felt casual and very friendly. One of my favorite memories of the trip. I know we did not take a taxi to the train station. I don’t think it was a long walk but we enjoy walking so you might feel differently.

ETA: This was one “touristy” things I was happy I did. My husband who had been to Paris a few times insisted I go. I was happy the crowds were not bad while we were there. I enjoyed the gardens very much but enjoyed a walk around the area and the train ride as much.

Parfait! You both agree…have now looked at a map, and I will certainly take that walk back to the train station after lunch. Thanks a million!

Great, and please tell us how it goes? By the way, someday we will stay overnight — there are a few nice rooms right above the restaurant.

Never been to Jardin des plumes but want to add that the chef David Gallienne won the title top chef 2021. If I remember correctly, the restaurant is a star Michelin place.

@ninkat Please report back.

So, a little wrinkle…the restaurant is closed except for my last day in Paris, and won’t be able to get there that day, so is there a second choice for lunch on a Tuesday in early June, which is when I am planning to go? (I’ll try calling the restaurant tomorrow and confirming that they are indeed closed!)

Ah, I see, my fault…they are closed on all Tuesdays, but have no availability apparently the rest of my week, except for Friday…

If you can snag a table in the garden, La Musardière. I haven’t been but my parents have and highly recommend it.

Grrr, also not available…I’m going to regroup, perhaps save Giverny for another trip when I plan a little more in advance!

If you cannot make it to Giverny, you could still visit the largest collection of Monet at the Marmottan museum in Paris :wink: