Lunch in Modena

Driving through Modena in May and was thinking of stopping to check out the city and Mercato Albinelli.
Would love some recommendations for sit down lunch for a family of 5.
Currently thinking Ristorante da Danilo or Tratorria Ermes.
Any suggestions are most welcome!

For me its Hosteria Giusti, though you might be a little late to reserve

Do as @Ziggy suggests. You will not regret it.

Reached out already. Any suggestions for plan B should Guisti not be available are most welcome.

Did not get into Guisti
Lunch at Danilo was outstanding. Enjoyed tortelloni and tortellini very much, as well as poached pear desert!


I know the OP has already had their lunch, but…

Da Enzo and Archer are both great lunch spots. Archer in particular is a nice “lite” (I mean its Modena, lite is contextual) spot as its mostly a wine bar with a few very good dishes.

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This was on my list as well. We ended up at Danilo and did not regret it. I guess when in Modena for half a day one must try tortellini (whether it is light or not is another matter)!

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