Lunch Close-ish to LAX

Hi, ex-CHer here, first time posting (actually was just turned onto Hungry Onion at a friend’s birthday). We’re flying into LAX tomorrow and we’re looking for a place near LAX that we can pick up lunch and eat at a park nearby. We’ll then make our way down to SD, but want a place where our daughter can run around and get some energy out.

I used to live in West LA, but it was back in 2005-2011 and I know a lot has changed!


The classic move after landing at LAX is hit up In ‘n’ Out on Sepulveda.

(not my photo)

Also nearby-ish:


I’ve got the perfect suggestion for you.

Benny’s Tacos for some tacos and churros, and then let the kiddos work off lunch at nearby Westchester Recreation Center (across the street).


If this was 2 years its a no brainer go to Il Romanista.

I’ll throw in Zacatecas, Al Watan and Zam Zam Market in Hawthorne which are all within 2 blocks of each other.

El Segundo options
Ali’i Fish Company has good poke and grilled fish dishes.
Jame Enoteca for very good Italian and pasta.
Slice and pint from El Segundo Brewery is good. ESB makes some of the best west coast IPAs.


Dulans Soul Food Kitchen at 202 E. Manchester Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90302
and 1714 W Century Blvd,
Excellent fried chicken mac n cheese, collards, etc. Not expensive.


This is my pick. I love it so much I go nearly every week. And there is literally a GIGANTIC park right behind the restaurant.


Welcome to Hungry Onion @mdpilam ! :slight_smile: Great to see another ex-Hound.

It’s probably too late for your needs, but hopefully you found something good from all the great posts earlier.

If you still need recommendations for later in the trip (if you’re heading back up to LA), let us know. Glad to help! :slight_smile:

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Thanks all for the suggestions! Unfortunately it took almost 2hrs to get our rental car, and we just wanted to get on our way down to SD so we grabbed Shake Shack.

Will try one of these before we catch our return flight to Oakland Sunday.

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Nothing wrong with Shake Shack.

I am a big sucker for their SmokeShack with added peanut butter (hold the Shack sauce). Yeah, it sounds like a bad County Fair experiment, but its outrageously good esp. if you’re a fan of salty, sweet and everything in between.

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And also let us know if you want recommendations for SD.

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Where does one even learn of a hack like this??

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Shake Shack actually had this on the menu a few months back, but due to peanut allergy concerns it was taken off the menu, but apparently they bought so much peanut sauce/butter that they’ll still make the burger – a la minute, if you will.

If you want it, go soon, I can’t imagine their stockpile of peanut sauce/butter lasting forever, given they don’t really use peanut butter on anything else on the menu.

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