Lunch, Chada Street (Las Vegas , NV)

Not to be confused with Chada Thai & Wine (or “Chada No. 1,” as our waitress referred to it), Chada Street is open for both lunch and dinner with a menu based upon Thailand’s vital “street food” scene.

SOM THUM THAI ส้มตำไทย (Green papaya salad, dehydrate shrimp, peanuts, tomato, green bean, and anchovy) – yes, this is widely available throughout the US, but this truly was superior to any I’ve had before.

PLA MUK TOD KA TIEM หมึกทอดกระเทียม (Fried Calamari with garlic) – good, but somewhat disappointing, given the overall quality of the entire meal.

GOONG SHARE NAM PLA กุ้งแช่น้ำปลา (Raw shrimp, fish sauce, garlic, chili) – wonderfully delicious!

LARB MOO ลาบหมู (Ground pork, chili, onion, lime juice, fish sauce) – superb.

SPICY DUCK RICE ข้าวผัดเป็ด (Duck fried rice with chili paste and green onion) – amazing, this was definitely the “winner” of our best of lunch poll.

All this paired beautifully with a “generic” 2011 J.J. Prüm Riesling, Kabinett (Mosel, Germany).

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NOTE: The date of this lunch was 2/12.