lunch/brunch in SF w/ easy parking?

Here’s a puzzle for all you onions:

3 friends are meeting for lunch or brunch on a Saturday in SF. One is coming from Mountain View, one is coming from Novato, one is coming from East Bay. Would be nice to choose a location that is fair to all & has relatively easy parking.

Price point: moderate (say $20-25ish/person before drinks, taxes, tip) or lower.

Must have viable veggie options, or at least not be totally meat-focused.

Also, quiet enough for good conversation.

Any ideas?

So far I’ve found Volta (never been, how loud is it?) or Yank Sing for dim sum (been a lot so would like to try someplace else).

I liked Volta and didn’t find it loud. I think the fact that they have carpeting helps with that. It is across the street from a large parking lot. In that same area I also like the Cavalier (, which is probably louder but maybe not so bad if you’re in the back room, and also Kin Khao in the Parc 55 hotel. Kin Khao doesn’t have prices on their web menu but I think I remember lunch entrees were around $20 and under.

Teo in Soma has comfortable spaced out seating. Parking on the street nearby should be ok.

Pak Nam’s Tenderloin parking is a little more challenging. May have to circle around a 2 block range. But the restaurant is small so its not loud.

thanks y’all, will check out those suggestions…

The friends have chosen the Beach (or Park) Chalet. Yelp reviews are not encouraging but I need to be a good sport. What’s best there if I don’t eat beef or pork?