Lunch between LIRR and Grand Central

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Who loses what? I know several people who have adverse reactions to certain spices found in Indian food, myself included. I’m unsure as to the intent of your response - if the OP wants burgers or salads so what?



34th is a terrible dining area. Nles is a cheezy-looking restaurant at a 2-Star hotel. I wouldn’t.

Closer to her:
The Pennsy
Petit Poulet
The Breslin

EDIT: L’Amico is a good option for Italian. If she can find Macy’s she can find The Eventi.

Near you:
Maison Keyser


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I often don’t consider cuisines that:
*I can get good renditions of at home
*I’m not in the mood for
*My dining companion has indicated they don’t want
*If I’m going to be talking a lot I may choose someplace where the food requires less of my attention

It could be anything! NYC is diverse enough that there must be a multitude of other options to suggest. :slightly_smiling_face:



The OP said she hasn’t seen this friend in 30 years. So perhaps prefers to ‘play it safe’? Especially since it’s about the reunion not a culinary exploration.


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@meatn3, @TheGforceNY

Exactly!!! Really want a quiet please to munch and talk.


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Just found out she is on Keto so we are looking for salads, etc. Anyone know anything about State Grill and Bar in the Empire State Building? They seem to have a few salads, she can certainly find it. Same group as the places in Macy’s. Thanks!!



I used to work in ESB and remember the bar being a very pretty art deco space. It had the overall vibe of tourist trap and mid-level executives “i’m too lazy to think of anywhere good to take my client, may as well go downstairs”. Look at the boring menu: salads in mid-$20s.

That said, it’s probably fine for your needs, albeit too expensive. Petit Poulet nearby is better.


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Thanks!!! I’ll check it out.

Edited to say - Petit Poulet looks very good. I worry about my country bumpkin friend and the French menu, but I may try it!


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Going to Petit Poulet. Thanks everyone!!!


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Went to Petit Poulet for the long awaited reunion lunch yesterday. The restaurant was perfect, thank you @TheGforceNY and all who helped! When we got there the place was empty and never really filled up, so it was nice and quiet. The waiter was a gem!! He knew we hadn’t seen each other in such a long time and didn’t bother us, but was still very attentive. And he was very happy for us, you could tell. He shook my hand when we left and hoped my friend and I would always be in touch. This meal wasn’t about the food, but I did notice it was good. I had the petit poulet salad - it was simple with little gem lettuce that was wonderful, parmesan cheese , small shredded pieces of chicken and a house dressing with anchovies. Kind of caesarish. My friend had salmon with sauce gribishe and since she could not have carbs they gave her a little gem lettuce salad in place of the fries. She said it was really good. That’s as far as I can go with the food description!!! I can say it was a great time and one I won’t soon forget!! Thanks all for your help in choosing the place!


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Thanks for reporting back! Never been to Petit Poulet but glad it was perfect for you and your friend.

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Well done!

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Glad you enjoyed your reunion!

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I’m so glad. No one knows of that place. I worked at the ESB and decent options were/are a rarity in the area. (Also worked at Chrysler Building and lived in Hudson Yards so those are also areas of specialization for me!)

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It was a perfect suggestion. Thanks again!



Let me respond to myself by apologizing for my rude response to winecountrygirl. There’s no excuse for my tone.

The content of what I was trying to convey, and it;s something that oppresses me increasingly in this country in which we live, is the certain Eurocentric tone that permeates food boards, and life in general in the U.S. It’s fairly common to find people who want food recommendations to say “not-Indian”, “not-Chinese”, but very rare for them to say “not-French”. Having said that, for what it’s worth, I absolutely should not have said what I did in the way I did.

winecountrygirl is a poster I respect, and to her I say I’m sorry.


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I thank you for that, fooddabbler! For the apology and the respect. Wow… :slight_smile: I understand your sensitivity. For me, it’s a stomach issue and also, I was having lunch with an old friend whose tastes I only remember from a very long time ago!


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It is so easy for miscommunication when we have no visual clues or vocal nuance to help relay intent from a person we only know through a forum. I’m glad you clarified and helped us understand where you were coming from. The more negative connotations did not seem in keeping with the person I’ve observed you to be over the years! Thanks for the time and thought you spent to be sure things were set right.


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Kudos to you!! Well said and very sincere.