Lunch between LIRR and Grand Central

I’m meeting an old friend for lunch on Wednesday who moved to North Carolina and I have not seen for 30 years! She will be staying on Long Island and coming into Penn and I’m coming into Grand Central . I’m looking for a place, not expensive but where we can enjoy catching up and preferably someplace that takes a lunch reservation. Is there any place on 34th street? Not looking for Asian or Indian - just salads, burgers, maybe Italian? Thanks HOs!

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You lose me when you say “Not looking for Asian or Indian”. Why not? Are these cuisines/cultures beyond your palate/comprehension?

I don’t have suggestions. It’s been too long.
If you are both into food, I’d want to consider meeting her in Queens to eat .

Oh wait! I remember a pizza place!


[Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria ](Angelo’s Coal Oven Pizzeria 117 W 57th St, New York, NY 10001 (212) 333-4333

Not really where you want.

Keen’s steakhouse isn’t expensive for a steakhouse and the mutton chop is great. Cool old NY atmosphere and quiet enough to talk.
Grand Central Oyster Bar is another place with a fantastic setting.

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Thanks - no Queens is out of the question - she is not familiar with area and we are both taking trains to the city from different places. It’s more about getting together,

Thanks for trying HOs!!! Has anyone heard of Niles NYC?

“Is there any place on 34th St.?”

Yes, Stella 34 Trattoria is an Italian restaurant located at Macy’s (151 West 34th St.).

P.S. I’ve never heard of Niles.

I was wondering about the Macy’s restaurants. There is also a place called Rowlands Grill. I was thinking Macy’s might be easy for her as it sure is a landmark!

One of the nicer pubs around Penn Stn / Macys should serve your purpose. Ginger Man and Pig & Whistle come to mind.

I’d do one those over the Macys restaurants.

Or, a bit further down are the NoMad restaurants - Bar NoMad, Made Nice, etc. There’s also a branch of The Smith, Black Barn, and Eataly.

ETA: if it’s nice out and a weekday, another idea is to go to Hudson Yards (your friend can walk the few blocks over, you can take the 7 to the last stop which is there). There are several good options there, otherwise walk a couple of blocks down the High Line to the first or second exit down, and you can grab a burger or italian.


When she gets out of Penn Station, Macy’s is right there so, yes, easy for her to find it. Stella 34 is on the 6th floor. There’s an express elevator to the 6th floor at the Broadway & 35th St. entrance.

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@Saregama, I wouldn’t be so dismissive of Stella 34. While I haven’t eaten there, people I know who have say the food’s very good.

@RGR I wasn’t being dismissive of the food.

Just seems easier to eat outside a busy department store than make your way into and upstairs, given the range of easy food options that work for OP.

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That does sound easy!!!

I was considering that too - is it very noisy?

Depends on the time. Lunchtime it shouldn’t be, and it’s pretty large so you can sit further inside.


Who loses what? I know several people who have adverse reactions to certain spices found in Indian food, myself included. I’m unsure as to the intent of your response - if the OP wants burgers or salads so what?


34th is a terrible dining area. Nles is a cheezy-looking restaurant at a 2-Star hotel. I wouldn’t.

Closer to her:
The Pennsy
Petit Poulet
The Breslin

EDIT: L’Amico is a good option for Italian. If she can find Macy’s she can find The Eventi.

Near you:
Maison Keyser


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I often don’t consider cuisines that:
*I can get good renditions of at home
*I’m not in the mood for
*My dining companion has indicated they don’t want
*If I’m going to be talking a lot I may choose someplace where the food requires less of my attention

It could be anything! NYC is diverse enough that there must be a multitude of other options to suggest. :slightly_smiling_face:


The OP said she hasn’t seen this friend in 30 years. So perhaps prefers to ‘play it safe’? Especially since it’s about the reunion not a culinary exploration.


@meatn3, @TheGforceNY

Exactly!!! Really want a quiet please to munch and talk.