Lunch at La Valentina, Long Branch

(Joon) #41

Holy shit you were right cj. I can’t believe I went my whole life without experiencing a Mexican Cubano. I mean just look at this epic cross section!!

This one was from plaza Garibaldi in asbury park… now I have to hunt out others places that make this.

(David) #42

The Torta Cubana at Gabby’s in New Brunswick has hot dogs, chorizo, ham, fried breaded beef, and Oaxaca cheese, then come the veggies including avocado and jalapeno. Not that I would know.

(Joon) #43

Maybe you should have it for lunch tomorrow :wink:


Dude the papagallos version will impress! Trust me on this. Nice pic too.

Just don’t except to be too active after eating this thing. I want to just sleep after tackling it. Lol

(Paul) #45

Another Garibaldi Cubano. Tasty!

(Joon) #46

How long did it take you to get your order? The speed and service here has been shit the last few times I went, I stopped going. Got a cubano from Panchos and Juanchos, it was very good but slightly egg heavy. They do Columbian food too.

(Paul) #47

Less than 10 minutes to get the sandwich

(Junior) #48

Unfortunately that was my one and only experience there. Now with Local Smoke right up the street, I have no reason to even try again. I LOVE Local Smokes chicken![quote=“corvette_johnny, post:3, topic:6479”]

I think I’d be down for a taco crawl.
Taco’s ain’t really my thing, but I would love to tag along!


Jr I just flew back tonight from tx and my mom picked me up from ewr. I brought her to local smoke for dinner and she was really impressed.

I ordered her the half bird but they were sold out. I got her the pulled chicken, mac n cheese and chili brussell sprouts. She jokingly said “wow I don’t know why I will cook for your dad anymore when this is so close”…lol. :smile:

So you’re right as usual…pay extra but get some good juicy chicken. So mom is officially a local smoke fan! My stomach was kind of whacked out I think from some duck tacos in san antonio so I just went for a few delicious smoked jalapeños.