Lunch at Bar, ice cream at Arethusa Dairy (New Haven CT)

I went to Newport RI for the weekend and high on my list for the mini-road trip was revisiting a New Haven pizza spot I went to a few year ago-- Bar. My husband and I split a medium white pie with garlic, mozzarella, meatball, and basil. I don’t know who we were kidding with the medium-- it was enough for 4 people probably-- but this pizza was as good as I remember. I don’t think New Haven is my favorite style in the world (I like a slightly thicker crust better) but the crust somehow manages to be crisp, chewy, thin, and sturdy all at the same time. It held up to the heavy meatballs quite well and reheated well too. We also had a salad that was way better than any pizzeria salad I’ve had, with candied pecans and huge chunks of a delicious stinky cheese. My husband gave a thumbs up to the in-house beer.

For dessert we walked over a block to Arethusa dairy, across the street from Yale, where we each ordered a waffle cone with a single scoop. I thought maybe the guy was playing a prank on me because for about $3.50 I got the most enormous scoop ever in a fresh waffle cone that was a flavor I’ve only seen in my dreams (toasted almond with toasted coconut!). This was equivalent to about 3 scoops of Blue Pig ice cream. Fantastic flavor and texture. I sadly had to throw away half so I wouldn’t get a stomachache. Kid’s scoop for me next time!

Trip report to be continued on the New England board!

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It all sounds great! New Haven is blessed with great places. The waffle cone and ice cream sounds heavenly. (Sorry you had to toss half of it away!) Love the name of the dairy - Arethusa was a local sorority at my college. I should tell some of its members to check this place out as well!

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