Lunch 2023 (!)

I love your diet!

So does Salt & Straw.

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But you have to admit, they got the pickle centered just right.

That’s quite an achievement for a minimum wage worker, heck, maybe even for a highly paid C-Suite person.


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Yes, while apparently hurling a handful of onion slices onto it from several feet away. #shitpaydontcare

The cheese doesn’t look even warm!:hushed:

They used to be the best for fast food years ago. BK, JITB & McD competed for our hard earned dinero. Can’t stand any of them, anymore, I haven’t had an I & O in 20+ years so I can’t compare. Frugal’s, a local chain, does it for me once in a long while now.
If I’m on the road, I’ve packed my own lunch and snacks.

Right? That was probably my biggest peeve (altho it’s tough to choose just one in this case).

If I’m ordering a cheeseburger, the cheese had better be melted & not thrown on like an afterthought.


I admit that the BK Original Chicken Sandwich is a favorite of mine. :roll_eyes::flushed:. My guess is that it is because it’s the first fast food I had as a child and maybe there was some imprinting involved because of that…?

When I became pescatarian I joked with my friends as to whether I can still eat a BK chicken sandwich since I’m not :100: certain there’s actual chicken in the sandwich, or if so,
maybe trace amounts …? :joy::joy::rofl:.

Several years ago I was flying back from Boston right after the 4th of July. The BK in Logan Airport had the chicken sandwich on sale for $1.04 each (for the 4th), and I bought 20 or so as a carry on. Yes, it was impulsive. Yes, it reflects my strange love for this sandwich. Though I haven’t had one in years.


There must be a mistake. This is what a BK Whopper Jr. w/cheese looks like.
:rofl: :joy: :laughing: :sob:


This is the problem with BK. The burgers are always ice-cold. Look at that pathetic cheese! I will admit I got a deluxe quarter pounder with cheese a few months ago - I had to pull over and wait wait wait for it, but it was just like a Whopper should be - same toppings, but nice and hot.

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Where’s the fine print, like on frozen dinners, that says serving suggestion?

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Ya, right!

Stuffed cubanelle peppers (homemade fennel sausage, rice, cheese).


Those look delicious!

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Thank you! Usually my stuffed vegetable of choice is cabbage, but I really loved these peppers.


Wow, that looks and sounds delicious. What a fab idea & I love fennel anything.

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Eggses, veg & fungi, i.e. 3-egg scramble with leftover shrooms & green pepper with which we tried to augment the shitty Aldi pizza recently.


White bean & nduja soup and a muffaletta panino, both from a pricy but very good café in the town over.


Philly cheesesteak


Pork Pei Dan Congee. Pork Liver Cheung Fun. YouTiao.