Lunch 2019

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Pistachio sauce (finely ground pistachio, olive oil, salt, pepper etc)

Home-cured salmon. (I used ground juniper berries and scotch. Simple.)

Make this often in the winter.

A dozen is reduced to this much, without the shells.


Looks Delicious!!
I had a piece of salmon and cured as well with sugar, salt, pepper corns, fresh dill and a splash of vodka! (a picture in a day or two when it is ready to emerge…)
Now for the bagels?..

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Tyrolean Speck, blood sausage (from Düsseldorf) and foie.

A typical north German light meal called “Kutterbrot” (pronounced “kootter-broat”).

Last week was carnival and I made a couple of things typically eaten during the silly partying carousing days in Köln, Germany, but then my versions are a bit different.

Purple sweet potato “Rösti” with apple mush. In Germany you get potato fritters, also with apple mush.

Tempeh tomato paste on bread. In Germany it’s raw pork or beef mince on half a roll.

Herring with quark and beetroot

I don’t know the name, maybe @linguafood knows. Dough has flour, ground almond, booze, eggs etc.


Berliner is a must during carnival. These are store-bought.

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I meant name in English. In German it’s Mutzenmandeln (mandeln = almond, hence the shape).

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Ah! I’m not sure there is an equivalent English name! We don’t have anything similar in the US.

“Doughnut” is about as close as it gets…


My grandparents from “of the pale settlement”…today the Ukraine…called it “Mandel Brot”…

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Thanks, both.

Avocado and burrata “frittatas”.

Same as above but with corn, cheese and sweet onion.

Beetroot Rösti with Speck (half yellow and half Chioggia). Apple mush, cured salmon, quark and honeys alongside.



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Homemade Spanish chorizo patties, sautéed asparagus, and an egg. Meant to make romesco but…

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Now, that’s a lunch worth savoring!