Lunasia Dim Sum House [Torrance]

I always find jellyfish to be an odd menu item for dim sum.

As an appetizer for a banquet dinner? Sure.

Dim sum? Not so sure.

Got it. Got it. It is solid like you said. No better recommendation from that area. Thanks for your report.

I’ve had it at 888 during dim sum where it was in a chili vinegar. Texture-wise it occupies the same space as tripe for me, like chewy noodles, but during dim sum I enjoy it as a brighter contrast to the heavier, more savory flavors and textures. Lunasia’s version was just far too flavorless and bland. We barely touched it. Waste of $10.

I think Sea Harbour has taken their jellyfish dimsum offering off the menu.

I’m not sure if I’ve had it at Sea Harbour or not; 888 may or may not still offer it, but I won’t be finding out because I will not return there ever since they stayed open and served (poorly, slowly) in grossly unsanitary conditions without working hot water during Lunar New Year 2020 . Gross.

Another meal, this time for dinner! Same legend as before: :x: = Miss, :star2: = Highlight

Cordyceps Flower Chicken Soup :x:
This was okay, but there were a lot of sharp little bones! Very hard to enjoy a bowl of soup like that.

Yang-Chow Pork and Shrimp Fried Rice
This was very good! We liked the amount of cabbage and bean sprouts in it.

Crispy Shrimp Roll :star2:
We loved this one! It’s served with mayonnaise, so very similar to the well-loved “crystal shrimp” we always used to order at 888 Seafood in Rosemead.

Deep-Fried Calamari with Salt & Pepper :star2:
Just as good as the last time!

Beef Tripe with Scallion Sauce :star2:
Just as good as the last time!

Stir-Fried Pea Sprouts with Egg & Fried Tofu :star2:
Just as good as the last time!

Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs
This one was good, but a lot of bones. Luckily most were soft enough to chew, but not all of them were. We did like that the sweet and sour sauce wasn’t too sweet. Next time I’d like to try the Sweet and Sour with either pork or chicken instead.

Mongolian Beef :star2:
I’ve never had Mongolian Beef with red chili oil before, and I really liked it! Quite the nice spicy surprise!

Lunasia Seafood Stir Fry :star2:
This was quite good, as well! Seafood included shrimp, scallops, calamari, fish and lots of those little whitebait. Yummy!


Bean sprouts? That’s different.

So they serve dim sum as well as dinner dishes at dinnertime?

Yep! And agree with @strongoxman that their cooked dishes are generally very well executed with high quality ingredients!


Nice job !

Personally I like the rice noodle dim sum with the crispy long shrimp inside even better than the regular crispy shrimp. Hell, both work !

Is it really, though? Bean sprouts are frequently included in fried rice in my experience.

Their menu is all-day.

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Unusual for a dim sum place. But nice to have the option.

Here’s the full menu for the Torrance location:


I can’t remember the last time I saw bean sprouts in fried rice.

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Where are you getting fried rice without mung bean sprouts?

Dragon Beaux

Sea Harbour

Bistro Na’s


Panda Express. :slight_smile:

That reminds me, I really need to make the effort to try Bistro Na’s – never made it there before moving down to Long Beach.

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yeah, bean sprouts in fried rice just seems odd to me. i do see it on occasion, but more not than often.

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