lumberton nc?

any recommendations in lumberton other than fuller’s, (which I don’t think is worth a 2nd visit…actually, other than the fry bread, it wasn’t worth a 1rst visit)?

I’ve heard some good things about Adelio’s, but haven’t eaten there.

thanks, we ended up at arnolds, it’s a modest sports bar with very good food. i had a good philly cheesesteak, my wife a buffalo chicken breast sandwich which, while we didnt detect a buffalo chicken wing flavor profile, was one if the juiciest sandwiches i’ve had anywhere. oddly, for a place that seems competent at frying food, the fries were just ok…probably try waffle fries or onion rings next time.

@johntannerbbq doesnt your senior contributor live in lumberton :blush: if so, perhaps you could invite him to this thread…

He does, and I will. For future reference – next time someone searches “lumberton” – he also recommends Arnold’s, Happenings on Elm, and San Jose.

fabulous, thanks! Happening on Elm was our first choice but they close around 8:30pm and we arrived lumberton around 8pm.

we stopped at arnold’s again on the way back to ny. Unfortunately I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich this time and it was a little dry. My wife had a cheeseburger that she said was very good. We shared there mixed appetized plate which consisted of fried pickles, fried jalapenos, fried banana peppers, fried homemade mozz sticks and (fried) chicken wings. all of it good but yup, an awful lot of fried food, probably opt for something healthier next time.


Dryness is always a risk with chicken breast. I hope that the fried pickles were chips. Some places do spears, which makes no sense to me.
It’s not a great stretch of 95 for good dinners. If you could make it up to Wilson, the Beefmastor is a great steak place – but then I’m not the one who would have to drive. Florence SC is another option.

yes, they are chips, perfectly fried but maybe a little too salty. We have a dog, the best western in lumberton is recently renovated and charges just $10/night for a pet, so it’s a good stop for us.

we’ve been to parker’s in wilson a number of times but Beefmastor is new to us. Seems like it could be tough to get a table and we won’t have tailgating stuff in the car. Still, worth a try with parker’s as a backup…thanks for suggestion!

I’ve been to most of the great nc/sc bbq shrines, hoping to cross ayden’s off the list next trip. Not bbq, but we stopped in richmond va this trip, anniversary dinner at the lemaire in the jefferson hotel was excellent and a steal for the level of cooking vis a vis nyc pricing. also we had wonderful croissant/coffee at sub rosa bakery, tempting to make richmond one of our go-to stops.

For the tailgating, all you need is a bottle of wine and one to share. the rest will fall not place.

I like Richmond. Next trip go to the Windsor Farms neighborhood. There’s a late 15th/early 16th Tudor hall there, Agecroft Hall, that was taken apart and moved to Richmond. Next door is Virginia House, a 16th century priory that similarly was moved to VA.

thanks for the suggestion, will do!

Its been 5 or so years, but I remember Fuller’s fondly & wonder what happened or whether I just lucked out. The buffet was a football field long and I admit that I could’ve easily wound up with stuff that was sitting around or poorly made. But I focused on the food that I saw them bringing out and what I couldn’t easily get at home (NYC). As I remember it, that got me some very tasty varieties of innards, some nice baked chicken and fresh okra, greens and corn. And lots of other stuff I don’t remember. What I do remember is that we went on a Sunday afternoon and that most of those eating there had come straight from church and were in large family groups. Maybe that was a factor, I don’t know. Sorry to hear about your experience, especially since I respect your taste.

Fuller’s is still there. I haven’t been inlander than I can remember. I’ve heard it’s slipped some, but don’t know details

steve, unfortunately we arrived off hours, a lot of the food was dried out and the bbq forgettable. perhaps we’ll give it another try based upon your experience.


driving I95 to fl, we decided to try Happenings on Elm wine bar in Lumberton instead of Arnolds. If you’re a snobby, NYC wine lover who casually throws around terms like terroir, dosage and cepage , you’re probably not going to be too happy paying $18 for a small charcuterie board and $9 for a donati cab in Lumberton, NC. And you’ll probably be scratching your head when, after all is said is done, you find you’ve spent $100 on dinner for two in lumberton, NC.

On the other hand, you may look around the spotless, eclectic restaurant and notice all the locals are eating what look to be well made $10 burgers and drinking pints of craft beer ($7). To sum it up, the service is warm and engaging, the food and wine correctly made but unexciting and, with the exception of burgers/sandwiches, seems expensive for Lumberton, NC.

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Think globally, eat and drink locally. I always look around to see what others are eating (except when I forget).

I always look around to see what others are eating (except when I forget).

or when you’re the first person in the restaurant…