Luke's Lobster 'liciousness

Yah, yah - certainly not a new place, nor news for any locals, but… dayamn, that is one fine lobster roll. And a serious steal, compared to the Oyster House: $16 vs. $27.


Sounds like a bargain…Boston has a $38 lobster roll at the moment (Barbara Lynch’s B&G Oyster)!

All this despite the overpopulation of lobsters in Maine (McDonald’s anyone?).

It sure is. For $3 more you get slaw, soda & a pickle.

Love the law on Maine’sbooks that prohibits prisoners from eating lobster more than 5 days a week… Where do I sign up?

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Just had one,first time in about a year. I work right around the corner and take the place for granted. It really is very good and such a bargain! Soups are pretty good also, when it’s a little colder outside.

Just find some abandoned car, wait for a cop car to cruise by. Make a good show of breaking the windows, and start pissing on the tires. If you really want a lobster vacation, piss on the officer’s leg as well. :smile:

Strap on your lobster bib, and tuck in! Three squares a day, yeah!