Luke Tsai in SF Eater: The 38 Essential East Bay Restaurants, Winter 2020


Joining the list for this winter 2020 update: La Selva Taqueria, Mississippi Catfish, Sichuan Style Restaurant, Cafe Ohlone, Kiraku, Alem’s Coffee, Minnie Bell’s, Pyeong Chang Tofu House, Soba Ichi, Brown Sugar Kitchen, Grocery Cafe, Lucky Three Seven, Banh Mi Ba Le, Vientian Cafe, La Casita, Lena’s Soul Food, Utzutzu, Mi Zacatecas, Bluebird Pizzeria, and De Afghanan. Coming off this time around are the still excellent: Funky Elephant, Saul’s Deli, Comal, Tharaphu, Iyasare, Ippuku, Henry’s, La Note, Abesha, Ramen Shop, Fentons, Teni East Kitchen, Clove and Hoof, Beauty’s Bagel Shop, Perle Wine Bar, Shakewell, Duende, Shan Dong, Nido, and Pho Ao Sen.

I’m glad that there are at least a couple out of the usual Oakland/Berkeley/Alameda orbit.

luke, if you are out there, you need to put one ethiopian and two korean on the list. these are very strong points in east Bay dining. i would also consider a hui place ( there are, what, 3 in Fremont? ).